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Title: Terminology
Post by: ElvisLives on May 31, 2022, 09:31:36 AM
Terminology is very, very important when discussing rules.
Things like:
-Try not to use the term "play" when you really mean "down," i.e., the discrete unit of a game that starts with a snap or free kick, and ends when the ball becomes dead by rule. A 'play' is a segment of a down, and is one of four types: 1) running play, 2) scrimmage kick play, 3) forward passing play, 4) free kick play.

-A foul happens and is called, and the penalty for the foul is accepted or declined. The "foul" is not accepted/declined. The PENALTY is accepted/declined.

-Penalties do not "offset," but they may "cancel" (as distinct from 'offset'). Referees, when making an announcement for penalties that cancel, say that: "After the down, unsportsmanlike conduct - taunting, number 99, defense; unsportsmanlike conduct, number 76, offense. Those penalties cancel. Third down." (Or whatever the appropriate down number for the next down, as the previous down "counts".)

-Fouls may offset. Referees, when making an announcement for offsetting fouls, say that: "Offside, number 99, defense. Holding, number 76, offense. Those fouls offset, and the down will be repeated; second down."

-Avoid using the term "line of scrimmage" when talking about anything except alignment of Team A linemen, or the alignment of Team B players. There are TWO lines of scrimmage on every scrimmage down. To say, "A76 was on his scrimmage line" would be correct. To say, "B99 was behind his scrimmage line" would be correct. But, avoid using the expression, "the ball crossed the line of scrimmage." Well, it may have crossed one, or both, lines of scrimmage, but any rule relating to the ball after the snap would reference the Neutral Zone. So, say, "the ball crossed the neutral zone," or "the tackle box extends from the neutral zone to Team A's end line," or, "the passer was not beyond the neutral zone when he threw the pass."

-There is no such thing as a "lateral, or lateral pass" from a rules perspective. All passes are either forward or backward (as defined). The word "lateral" only matters to us with respect to the position of the succeeding spot between the hash marks.

There are so many more things.
Check definitions. Use the correct terms. It makes life easier for everybody.

Title: Re: Terminology
Post by: JDM on May 31, 2022, 11:52:47 AM
Rule 2 is the single most important rule in the book, IMO. A good understand will do wonders when studying/learning the remaining rules.
Title: Re: Terminology
Post by: bctgp on May 31, 2022, 02:32:57 PM
1000% agree - in our chapter we devote 2 full classes to Rule 2 in our new officials training