Author Topic: Who is in Who is out?  (Read 75188 times)

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Re: Who is in Who is out?
« Reply #150 on: September 23, 2010, 02:15:47 PM »
That is where the teachers union comes in.  In multiple rulings they have declared that cafeteria workers, secretaries, bus drivers do not have any rights.  This ruling then gets turned over with help of the teachers associations.  It basically does not matter what they claim you are it matters what the courts claim you are.  I still believe the best litigation strategy is a discrimination suit.  Why are they discriminating against sports officials and not requiring UIL One act, band, and debate officials to registrar.  After all the UIL was established to organize Debate officials back in the day.

  That's what I have been saying.  If they start registering the band competition judges, and charge them the same fee they charge me, then I say let's go.  There is no difference.

  Same thing for other service providers.  Since I am simply providing my services to the local ISD, the UIL is registering (and later charging) me for access.  I they doing the same for the other local vendors; plumbers, phone service providers, Xerox, office supply companies, etc.