Author Topic: Interesting exchange and discussion following a UNS in Bills v Broncos game...  (Read 838 times)

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  • When old players go blind, they become officials.

There's a gif of the play and a rather interesting discourse on that reddit page. How should a WH handle a situation where the players are friendly but the gesture could look really bad?

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Apparently the covering official considered the gesture UNSPORTSMANLIKE and took appropriate action. 

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  • Without officials... it is only recess.
That's 15 yards in high school. Little stuff can turn into big stuff with kids involved.

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As with other fouls, we need to consider the entire play (or act).  In this case, the defender (Miller) thought it was a joke AND the offensive player (Taylor) also treated it as a joke.  Given the action and reaction in this case, I'm letting it go.

I've had cousins playing on opposing HS teams. I got between them early in the game, ready to give both a warning, and saw huge grins on both faces. They told me they were cousins and I told hem to have fun.
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