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Texas Topics / Re: Game Official Assignment Process
« Last post by ElvisLives on Today at 06:30:05 PM »
No question, there are lots of issues to deal with regarding how assignments would be made in whatever independent system that gets created.  But, the point is to achieve independence.  We simply must get the institutions out of the assignment process., so that there can be no actual or perceived influence by the institutions on the on-field performance of the game officials.

Letís get focused on that and have conversations with folks that can get this done.

Would there also potentially be an illegal forward bat of a loose ball by #22 of Weber State before recovering the blocked kick?  This second foul would also have favored JMU with a potential untimed down.
Texas Topics / Re: UIL Playoff Brackets
« Last post by DallasLJ on Today at 04:25:48 PM »
Week 5.  Here's what I need info on:

Aledo / Mansfield Legacy
Brock / Kemp
  Dallas has Kemp.  I suspect FTW will get Aledo since both schools use FTW during the regular season.
National Federation Discussion / Re: You Make the Call
« Last post by chaoslord on Today at 04:14:03 PM »
I like it, the more I think about it. With Team A lining up in shotgun formation, they were running a play, not spiking the ball. Got the snap off with four seconds left so I'm not sure there would have been time left for a FG after the play. I have a hard time seeing it being fair if Team A changes their mind and uses the free time out from their own fan running onto the field to kick a FG they were previously not likely to be able to kick.

That kid pretty clearly made a mistake but I hope nothing bad happens to him physically. I know how seriously some of the smaller communities takes their Friday football and how kids can react badly to things. Probably smart to just send him on his winter break early and hope everything's calmed down when school starts back in January.
Texas Topics / Re: UIL Playoff Brackets
« Last post by joelw83 on Today at 03:37:31 PM »
Good luck to all crews.
Texas Topics / Re: UIL Playoff Brackets
« Last post by TexDoc on Today at 02:48:53 PM »
Week 5.  Here's what I need info on:

Aledo / Mansfield Legacy
Brock / Kemp
National Federation Discussion / Re: You Make the Call
« Last post by Rulesman on Today at 02:34:27 PM »
The unfair act provision is exactly what they used - Rule 9-10-1: "No player or non-player or person(s) not subject to the rules shall not hinder play by an unfair act which has no specific rules coverage.. PENALTY: the referee enforces any penalty he/she considers equitable... In this case, 15 yards for UNS and start the clock on the RFP. I'd back that decision in a heartbeat.

Stopping the clock penalizes Team B and gives Team A a chance to get the FG unit on the field or set up one more Hail Mary play.

I've since learned prior to all of this (1) Team A had already been penalized TWICE for sideline personnel being out on the field, (2) the individual entered the field from the team box (somewhere around the 30 yard line), (3) he was dressed similarly to the others from Team A, and (4) nobody knew he jumped over an 8 foot wall to get the to field until AFTER the game. Basically he cost his team a potential state championship.
Texas Topics / Re: Harvey
« Last post by Welpe on Today at 02:14:55 PM »
Old thread but I hope everyone affected made it through OK. I moved back to the Houston area about six weeks before it hit. Our house was spared but dear God, what a nightmare.
General Discussion / Boca Raton, FL
« Last post by carol1995 on Today at 02:12:16 PM »
Do we have any officials on here in the Boca Raton area?  I'll be down there soon and I'm looking for some information on golf courses in the area that my kids (17 years old) would be able to play one day.  Any recommendations are appreciated.
National Federation Discussion / Re: You Make the Call
« Last post by bossman72 on Today at 12:25:38 PM »
Fan comes off of A's sideline, how do we know it is an A fan and not a B fan over there and just running amok. 

1) stop the clock
2) get fan outta-here
3) inform teams clock is hot
4) start the clock on the RFP

This is the least impact we can have on the game under the circumstances.

I agree.  The teams are NOT responsible for their fans, from a UNS perspective (they are not part of the team).  Remove him, start it up.
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