Author Topic: Australian official in USA September-November 2015 games enquiry  (Read 4569 times)

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Australian official in USA September-November 2015 games enquiry
« on: November 30, 2014, 09:19:36 PM »
Morning all (well for me it is),

My name is Lucas and I have been officiating in a local Australian league in the state of Queensland since 2009. For those not aware, Australia has a number of amateur state leagues throughout the country; the Queensland league runs for roughly 4 months from August through November (usually).

We currently use BAFRA mechanics and follow the latest NCAA rule base (with some variations to match the competition level) though will be moving to IFAF mechanics for next season, which I believe will mean we will be using the same rule base as we did this year (from memory, IFAF are a year behind in rules and associated updates etc). Although it will not mean anything to anyone unfamiliar to our accreditation system in our officiating system in Australia, I am currently a Level 2 official (officials are accredited Provisional Level 1 - Level 3. I am in the process of obtaining the exact level requirements). Accreditation above level 1 requires, from memory, a pass mark on the level 2/3 exam of 75% or more and a number (which I can't remember) of observed games by a Level 3 official with a rating of satisfactory or above. During my time I have officiated in a variety of roles, with my most comfortable positions being BJ and Deep Wings (I am only 24 and quite agile so I enjoy the running), though have also officiated in shallow wing positions and have this year stepped up to the role of Referee in Colts/Female games (Colts are under 18 and unders from memory, and Female games are self explanatory) and have officiated one game at our Senior level (mens above 18, top level of competition for us). I would judge my rules knowledge as very solid with a propensity to shove my nose in the rule book whenever I, for some crazy reason or another, suddenly come up with a silly play in my head while going about my normal life (...I hope this isn't a sign of insanity) 

As of next year, I am planning my first major holiday from September through November (first week of September to first or second week of November) to the US, with the current idea of starting in New York, working my way down the East coast states through to Florida, over to Texas/Louisiana/Georgia/Alabama and also getting in Indiana/Ohio. My main focus is to a) see an Indianapolis Colts game, b) see an Alabama Crimson Tide game, c) just get to as much baseball/football/hockey/whatever as possible (there is also d) which is book a spot on the annual rock band KISS Kruise if it goes ahead but that's irrelevant to football).

Just wondering if you guys would have any information/contacts/general opinions on places in which I could potentially officiate in a game or two while over there. Without a great knowledge of how the associations work in the states, I would be looking at leagues where I could use the accreditation/skills etc that I currently have built up so I imagine I would be looking at leagues similar to what I currently officiate in (amateur etc) as I don't imagine I would have the ability to take accreditation exams and so forth when I will only be doing a game or two

You can contact me via email at, or through the channels on this website.

I apologise if this is in the wrong spot so feel free to move it if required.

Thank you everyone!


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Re: Australian official in USA September-November 2015 games enquiry
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2015, 11:28:04 AM »
      Wishing you an enjoyable/eventful journey up from the "land down under'. Regarding your tentative agenda, may I offer these suggestions:
   (1) Colts football - in lieu of traveling to windy Indy, just watch a rerun of this year's AFC Championship game vs the Patriots. Pay special attention to the lack of air in the footballs during the first half and the lack of air in the Colts in the 2nd half.

  (2) Alabama Crimson Tide - in lieu of traveling to Alabama to watch the Crimson Tide, may I suggest traveling to Boston to watch the Harvard Crimson (only D-I undefeated team last year), while there you could watch the Red Sox (baseball) win another World Series.

  (3) Don't expect much ice hockey if your journey takes you south of Mason-Dixon (line of demarcation from War of Northern Aggression some 150 years ago) as ice doesn't freeze well there.

    Beyond that, I hope you enjoy your journey and am able to officiate a few games while visiting the States. Keep us updated on your travels.

   PS : What's the ingredients for a Vegemite sandwich???
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