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2020 Season
« on: December 18, 2020, 11:15:52 AM »
I wish there was now a way to see what difference it would have made to cancel football altogether in Texas for 2020. I am of the opinion - strictly an opinion based solely on personal observation and personal interpretations of information presented to the masses on a daily basis by the numerous media outlets - that the bottom line medical statistics would not have been much different, but the effects on society would have been much worse. As reported directly to me by virtually (no pun intended) every school teacher (including my wife) and administrators (numerous superintendents, principals, counselors, etc.) to which I have spoken about the year 2020, there was very, very little actual learning accomplished with "virtual learning." A monumental waste of time and money. Many institutions quickly abandoned virtual learning, in favor of getting students back to school, for face-to-face learning. Everybody have been happier, and happiness translates to good mental health, and good mental health goes a long way toward good physical health.
Yeah, a lot (but not a majority) of schools had to postpone football games to let some students quarantine the requisite time. But they nearly all returned to play. We are now into basketball, and everyone have learned the lessons from football, and are carrying on in a similar manner. It will carry on.
I will wear a mask, and wash my hands, to keep other folks from getting into trouble. Otherwise, I don't wear them, and may not wash hands as much as some folks might like. I am not sick - no one will get it from me. If I get it from someone else, I don't care. My life choice, as it should be for everybody. Those whose fear is great enough can simply choose to stay home-bound. Those that choose to return to normal life, we shall do so. Not some "new normal." But a real, like it used to be, normal. There is nothing about what others call a "new normal" that should interest anybody in maintaining. I want to have dinner with my crew and their spouses, at the same table - elbow to elbow - like we always used to do. I want to walk into a convenience store and get a soda without having to pull a mask out of my pocket.
Masks don't do squat out in general public. They might have some value in health care facilities, but not at WalMart, or our local grocery store. Dang sure not at a stadium.
I dare say that football contributed very little to the overall medical statistics in Texas. We got it done. We will keep getting it done. And we will find a way to thrive, despite whatever handicaps some politicians may want to place on us.
Health and happiness to you all.
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021!