Author Topic: Funny Story about Bear Bryant.  (Read 1227 times)

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Funny Story about Bear Bryant.
« on: November 14, 2021, 01:01:18 PM »
My GrandFather had coached recruited for Shug Jordan at Auburn. Nothing much ...took a 0-10 team and fielded the 57 National Championship Team. My cousin Don is going to Auburn.

My cousin is being recruited to play Wide Receiver ...Everyone in the SEC knocking on the door. It's already a given that Don is going to Auburn. The final coach visit is arranged. Bear Bryant knocks on the door. Mid conversation Don excuses himself to go to the bathroom. He returns to find Bear gone and my Aunt coming in from the front porch with a broom in her hands.
"Where is Coach?"
"He had to leave suddenly and the SON OF A GUN is never coming back."

Later we find that the offer made is that all of Don's financial needs will be taken care off. A house in Tuscaloosa will be available for my Aunt's use for every home game.  After the game ....The Bear will personally come by and take care of her needs. She never said if she hit Bear with the broom. The broom was always there because she had an outside cat that brought her live rattlesnakes as gifts.

At that time ...They lived about three blocks from Legion Field. Alabama always came into town with the sirens blasting  ..... Let's just say my Aunt's Red Hair turned a deeper red every time they came to town.