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2020 Rule Changes are out

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Nothing major. Change 25 sec to 40 sec play clock on defensive penalty or injury

Allows spiking the ball from shotgun

Makes disconcerting sounds from the defensive a 5 yard instead of 15 yard penalty

Actually, even though it’s administrative, one is fairly significant.

“ In addition, several rules will be affected by the committee’s ruling that the head coach, prior to the game, should notify the referee as to the team’s designated representative (coach or player) who will make decisions regarding penalty acceptance or declination. Several locations in the rules book required the team captains to make these decisions, so the new language throughout the book will provide teams more options.”

Seems like the coach can say we should go to him for penalties, rather than have to have the captain. 


--- Quote ---Seems like the coach can say we should go to him for penalties, rather than have to have the captain.
--- End quote ---

Merely codifying what many of us do in practice.

We did the experiment for Immediate Spike From the Shotgun- happened 3 times in 2 games that I worked.  Many officials reported 0.  I used to be against it but came around to it.  Our asst commissioner was in favor of it and volunteered us to be the guinea pig.

I don’t understand what has changed here. I need example(s):

In the same rule dealing with the play clock (Rule 3-6-1), the committee approved one additional situation when 25 seconds will be on the play clock. Beginning next season, 25 seconds will be on the play clock and start on the ready-for-play signal when a new series is awarded following a legal free kick or scrimmage kick. 

Just saying after a legal kick was not enough when applying the 40/25 second clock.  What if a team punts on 3rd down, the kick is blocked and recovered behind the line by Team K making it 4th down.  We have a legal kick here, but shouldn't be on the 25 second clock like the rule said last year since we had a legal kick. The 40 second clock is the time interval to be used here since we have no change of possession or team personnel. Plus, by saying "after a new series of downs is awarded to either team following a legal kick" follows the game clock being started on the snap. 


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