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Overtime.....anyone ???

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Ralph Damren:
Over the years we have discussed many topics that are state specific. How much do we get paid, how playoff officials are chosen and how large are our crews, to name only a few. Rule 1-7 is considered the "state's rights" rule, and #8 gives  each state the option to make up their own. The preamble to RESOLVING TIED GAMES states : "This procedure may be accepted as written, amended, or rejected, in whole or part, by each member state association."

We Mainers, not caring to reinvent the wheel, have always applied the NFHS suggestion. My understanding is that there are several states that differ. I/we would be interested in hearing how your state handles OT and any overtime experiences you may have had or seen.

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PA is by the book.

MASSACHUSETTS:  From the MIAA Handbook:

69.3 MIAA Tie-Breaker

69.3.1  The MIAA Football Tie-Breaker Rule, multiple overtime periods: will ensure that the game will not end in a tie.  Additional overtime periods will be used if teams are tied at the end of regulation or succeeding overtime periods.  Each series shall begin at the ten-yard line unless a penalty overrides. First down chains will not be used. It is always goal-to-go. If penalty enforcement calls for an automatic first down, it will be first and goal.  For the first and subsequent tie breaking periods, any team that scores a touchdown must attempt a two point conversion by run or pass from scrimmage.  If there is a change of team possession during the last play of an overtime period (second series), live ball personal fouls or live ball unsportsmanlike conduct fouls by opponents of the team last gaining possession, that occur after the change of possession, gives the team in possession the option of putting the ball in play, where the penalty leaves the ball, for one down free of penalty or penalize as a dead ball foul at the succeeding spot in the subsequent overtime period. This option is exercised only if
the team last gaining possession is free of foul during the down.

Example:  Second Series -Team B intercepts Team A's pass and, during Team B's run back, Team A commits a personal foul.Ruling: Team B has the option of extending the overtime period for one down free of penalty, with Team B putting the ball in play where the penalty leaves the ball, provided Team B has not fouled during the down. Or Team B may choose to penalize as a dead ball foul at the succeeding spot in the subsequent overtime period.

MIAA Handbook July 1, 2019 –June 30, 2021

Illinois is by the book.

Ralph Damren:
Thanks, guys, for your input. NVFOA Ump, when Mass was playing NCAA rules, did you guys use your posted procedure?

Over the years I've worked several OT games, but two always come to mind :

SCENE : Mid-70's, playoff, 1st day of deer hunting in November,rain,snow,sleet=mud. I was the ump .

Field was a mud bowl from the start and got worse. Ump's job is keeping the ball dry - my job that day was just finding the ball in the mud  :o ! Game was scoreless and into OT - SIX  of them :!#. One team had an excellent FG kicker, but he couldn't plant his plant-foot , and shanked 3 in the first 3 OTs. We changed ends of field after each OT -many hunters, with their orange vests, would sprint to the opposite end as each OT ended. More exercise than many had had in a long time ;D. Finally, in OT 6, a couple of defenders slipped & fell as a runner sloshed into the endzone. yEs:
Gloves were only for sissies back then, and my hands were frozen  :'(.

EPILOGUE: The white hat stopped at a store and bought each of us a pint of --not koolaide.Fall sports were never postponed back then. The following morning, the statewide paper had a picture on it's front page of a girl cross-country runner winning the state championship. Tears were frozen on her cheeks and mud was frozen on her legs.....NOW FALL SPORTS CAN BE POSTPONED. yEs:

SCENE : New head coach - promoted when old was fired a few days before. He told me in pregame: "I don't know much about the rules ,so I might ask some stupid questions. :-\." I told him that I'd try to answer.

The game was tied. During our 3-minute wait for  the OT coin-toss , he asked me to explain the procedure. I explained the options.
COACH : "If we win the toss, which is the best ??? "
ME : "I look at it like a baseball game, if you bat last in extra innings, you know what you have to do to win. yEs:"
COACH: "AYUH, 'spect so, that sure makes sense :o !" "Captain, you hear that ? If we win da' toss we wanta' go on offense. :!# "
CAPTAIN to me as we walk to coin-toss : "Ref, that ain't what you told coach was best,ain't it ?"
ME : "Just listen to your coach,son  8]. "

EPILOGUE: New coach's team scored first and held off opponents to win. I don't wanta' be a coach. ;D  t][/color


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