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On a missed fg (scoring attempt) is the succeeding spot the 20 yard line regardless where the kick occurred?
Example, kicking team attempts a fg from the 15 or the 30 yard line and the score attempt is no good. The kick goes through the endzone.


Just remember a field goal attempt is a scrimmage kick that can score. Anything that applies to a punt applies to a field goal attempt. If the attempt is short and rolls out at the 1, itís R ball at the 1. If it breaks the plane of the end zone and doesnít score, itís a touchback at the 20.

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red viking:
Remember to NOT blow the whistle until the ball crosses the goal-line (or until ball is otherwise dead such as going OOB, B recovering and gets tackled, etc). Not a big deal on an extra pt but you CANNOT do this on a FG attempt. Once had a ref blow the whistle as soon as it left the kicker's foot on a game-winning attempt on last play of the game. He was simply adamant that the FG was no good (it landed short of goal line and B recovered and started running with it) and time to move on to OT but a savy coach for team A would have called him out and then imagine if he then makes the field goal. It was the visiting team too. We would have been running for our lives to get out of the stadium.

Ralph Damren:
Ö.and don't forget the "tack-on" rule on missed field goals = FGA wide-right + K holding = R 1/10 @ R's 30.


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