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Free Kick Mechanics Question

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I had an unusual situation occur recently, and we realized there's no official mechanic on how to handle this - wondering what people might think.

Standard free kick, with NFHS mechanics positioning (BJ on K40 and HL on R30 on chains side, LJ on 50, U on R20 on home side, R midfield deep)

K kicks the ball in the air and it goes out of bounds, well on the fly (no bounces or anything close to the ground), somewhere between the BJ and HL - between the 50 and R40. R probably wants the ball at the OOB spot+5, so this becomes an important spot, and you don't have anybody at the spot of the kick (akin to a punt) to "chop" the sideline official.

How do you find and mark the spot?

I'd say its on the HL to determine as best they can.

I agree at most youll be off 3-4yds. Wont matter in the grand scheme of things

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Id like for HL to split the difference & mark it OOB at the R35.  As Calhoun said, the yard or two that you might be off probably wont make a difference.

Ralph Damren:
"We were unable to determine where the airborne kick went out, so we're applying the 25 yard award and placing the ball at your 35." Might also be an acceptable way.


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