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I don't know the answer to your question, but has there been any official interpretations of the kick tack on rules by NFHS?
After the debacle a couple of years ago when Central Michigan was given an erroneous free play at the end of the game, I've been thinking about situations where A/K puts the ball in play, time expires during the down, and some penalty situation occurs where the period is extended by an untimed down, but B/R is the team that would put the ball in play during the untimed down.

Previously, the only situation I could think of is if there is a legal change of possession on the play and then A/K fouls during the post possession change running play.

However, with the new kicking penalty enforcement rules, I think there's a new option. Any foul by K during a free/scrimmage kick down can be "tacked on", so even an illegal formation foul by K on a punt as time expires could allow B to run an untimed down (previously this would be previous spot enforcement, and K replays the down).

Am I correct in this? Are there other situations where this might happen?
General Discussion / Re: Update on
« Last post by carol1995 on Today at 11:04:54 AM »
Is there a need, and a way, to provide financial support to keep this site going?

OSU65, there is a small need to pay the bills around here.  We used to have a subscriber's section that covered the costs.  I'll try to get that back up and running soon.
Texas Topics / Re: 7 on 7
« Last post by Magician on Today at 09:56:55 AM »
  My guess is since they are 25 minute games, is they run 2 games an hour + $30 / hour effective pay.
Correct. Ours have been $20/game so essentially $40/hour. And the games are fairly easy to work. For a 6-hour tournament you can make $240 cash. Not a bad day.
National Federation Discussion / Re: 7-man....anyone ????
« Last post by Magician on Today at 09:48:49 AM »
7-7 is huge here in TX. We never do a one-man mechanic though. Always 2 and at the state championships, we do 3. An "R" on the LOS right sideline counts the 4-second rule with a stopwatch, FS, ILF, spots on short gains, that kind of thing.  A "Deep wing" on the other side of the field roughly 15 yards downfield or on any important line to gain(1st down line or goalline). He calls DPI, Holding, long spots. Then when we do 3-man we add a "B" in the middle of the field
I've coordinated some 7-on-7 tournaments here and this is what I do other than the B. Short wing starts on the LOS and drifts after the snap watching guys on his half of the field. Deep wing starts on the opposite side on the LTG or goal line unless we are withing 5-10 yards (then the short wing will cover it). If there is 3-man I prefer to have the deep wing on the short wing side by deeper than the other short wing. He will have the goal line until the other deep wing has it. Then he will move to the end line. He will also move back to the end line if receivers anywhere go into the end zone. Having the B in the middle keeps you from boxing in everything that goes deep to the corner opposite the other deep wing.
NCAA Discussion / Re: 2018 Blocking Below the Waist
« Last post by Magician on Today at 09:38:04 AM »
The other interpretation I've heard consistently from people who have attended clinics but not yet from Shaw or Redding is the stationary back outside the tackle box is also prohibited from blocking if they go from one side of the ball to the other and still blocking in that direction. So let's say the RB is lined up even with the QB in shot gun but he is outside the right tackle. QB takes the snap and the RB moves toward his left and blocks a DE low rushing from the left side of the OL even after crossing the face of the QB and the original position of the ball because his original action is toward the original position of the ball. I don't believe this meets the wording or intent of the rule, but it sounds like it's being taught very consistently from the highest levels.
General Discussion / Re: Update on
« Last post by Hezekiah on Today at 09:19:15 AM »
Thank you for your efforts - much appreciated.
General Discussion / Re: Update on
« Last post by bama_stripes on Today at 05:46:30 AM »
Thanks for your efforts, Carol, exasperating though they have been.  I would have hated to see such a valuable resource go dark permanently.

 aWaRd   tiphat:
NCAA Discussion / Re: 2018 Blocking Below the Waist
« Last post by Andrew McCarthy on Yesterday at 09:21:00 PM »
Big 12 put out a video on BBW ... in it they say that the the stationary back in 2018 will not be allowed to block low from the side nor block low back towards the ball inside the tackle box (just the 5 interior linemen on the LOS can do that and thatís it)  I hope this helps clear things up.

Just saw that video the other night. There are definitely a lot of statements that do not match up with the written rule. Very sloppy in the rules language for a video from a major conference.
General Discussion / Re: Update on
« Last post by OSU65 on Yesterday at 08:03:55 PM »
I am not a referee, and am not really a rabid sports fan, but I check out this site on occasion to get responses from actual officials in regards to college football plays I have seen. An example would be the Ohio State vs Miami pass interference call many years ago.

Is there a need, and a way, to provide financial support to keep this site going? I really do appreciate being able to get opinions from referees vs the "experts" that seem to know it all. You guys take way too much abuse from fans and commentators that almost always do not have a clue regarding the rules.

To the referees out there. Best of luck with the upcoming season, and remember to call 'em like you see 'em, without bias.
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