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NCAA Discussion / Re: FC of Free Kick
« Last post by ElvisLives on Yesterday at 10:53:16 PM »
For those that haven't seen the new rule book, the actual language in the rule was edited to include catches after an invalid signal.  So, that's that.

NCAA Discussion / Re: 2018 Blocking Below the Waist
« Last post by ElvisLives on Yesterday at 10:50:13 PM »
The other interpretation I've heard consistently from people who have attended clinics but not yet from Shaw or Redding is the stationary back outside the tackle box is also prohibited from blocking if they go from one side of the ball to the other and still blocking in that direction. So let's say the RB is lined up even with the QB in shot gun but he is outside the right tackle. QB takes the snap and the RB moves toward his left and blocks a DE low rushing from the left side of the OL even after crossing the face of the QB and the original position of the ball because his original action is toward the original position of the ball. I don't believe this meets the wording or intent of the rule, but it sounds like it's being taught very consistently from the highest levels.

No, that is incorrect.  Any A player can always BBW toward a sideline, if that is away from the spot where the ball was snapped, and 1) not more than 5 yards beyond the NZ, and 2) not back toward their end line after the ball leaves the TB.  The rule is clear about that.


General Discussion / Re: Update on
« Last post by ElvisLives on Yesterday at 10:32:35 PM »
Great to see Refstripes back up and running.  Missed it a lot.  Appreciate the hard work, Carol.  Express our gratitude and condolences to Ms. Dunham.

NCAA Discussion / Re: Rules you would change if you could....
« Last post by scrounge on Yesterday at 09:59:39 PM »
The number one change I would make is to keep the clock running on first downs inbounds. It's not really necessary with a 40 sec play clock under normal circumstances, it will speed up the game in a way that no one would notice, as well as reduce exposure for player safety. The number of plays being run in the college game, especially at the elite D1 level, is crazy with today's speed up offenses.
NCAA Discussion / Re: Rules you would change if you could....
« Last post by Etref on Yesterday at 08:43:38 PM »
With the prolific expanse of the passing game, I would have the game clock start on the ready after an incomplete pass!
National Federation Discussion / Re: Touching the goal post
« Last post by KWH on Yesterday at 07:19:17 PM »
NFHS Rulings

A) Legal Play
B) Legal Play

NCAA Discussion / Rules you would change if you could....
« Last post by OSU65 on Yesterday at 05:46:31 PM »
When I retired I started playing golf. I had no idea about the rules, but I decided to educate myself. The rules themselves aren't overwhelming, but the "Decisions Of Golf" that amplify the rules is about 2 inches thick. For example; What is the rule if your golf ball comes to rest in a half eaten orange?; What is the status of saliva ( a big goober ) on the putting green?

1. I suspect that college football also has a decisions book that expands on the actual rules. What are the most arcane rules you have actually had to call in during a game, and did you get it right?

2. The USGA has made some adjustments to the rules of golf that will take effect in Jan 19. I think the general intent is to simplify them in order to speed up the game. An example would be that it will no longer be a penalty if your ball strikes the flag while putting from the green. What rules changes/decisions would you like to see made to college football to speed up the game, and lower the number of penalties during a game? NONE is an acceptable answer!
Officials Needed / Recruiting and Training
« Last post by Sumstine on Yesterday at 04:26:57 PM »
I have developed a recruiting and training program with one of the main youth leagues in the islands. They will pay me for one extra official to work with one new official per crew. That makes it easy to justify to the teams due to the clinician having whistle, flag, bag and final ruling authority over his training official. The league also provides funding for advertising and is in the process of requiring each participating team provide one training official for the program. We have increased our membership by over 5% each year for the past three years and the officials are better prepared as they are required to work with a clinician for at least six games.

Do any of you think this is a program that will work in your area. If so, give me a call as I am easy to find.
Reddings speaks to this issue on page 148:  "The option of succeeding spot enforcement applies regardless of when the foul by K occurs during the down"..."It does not matter whether the foul (holding in Ex.11-39) takes place before the kick or after the kick."

So even fouls by K that occur at the snap may be tacked on...and, since acceptance of live ball fouls extend the period, we should have one more play
General Discussion / Re: Update on
« Last post by Etref on June 22, 2018, 09:07:00 PM »
I sent you a pm
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