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NCAA Bulletin 6
« on: December 01, 2010, 03:17:35 PM »
1. Second and 5 at Team A’s 35-yard line. Late in the second quarter, ball carrier A47 fumbles at the A-38 and the ball goes out of bounds at the A-41. When the ball is declared dead the game clock reads 1:30.
RULING: Third and 2 at the A-38. The ball is returned to the spot of the fumble and the game clock is started on the referee’s signal. Even though there are fewer than two minutes remaining in the half, the game clock starts on the referee’s signal after a forward fumble goes out of bounds. (3-3-2-d-2-Exc., 3-3-2-e-2)

2. Following a charged team timeout, the offensive team returns to the field and the defensive team remains on the sideline. The officials insist to the defensive team that they must return to the field. The offensive team is at the line of scrimmage but the defensive team remains on its sideline as the referee is preparing to mark the ball ready for play.
RULING: Team B is charged with a dead-ball foul for delay of game. Five-yard penalty at the succeeding spot. (3-4-2-b-3)

3. Team A is prepared to kick off. The ball is on the tee and the referee has signaled it ready for play. As the kicker approaches the ball it begins to roll off the tee just as he starts his kicking motion. The kicker follows through and kicks the ball as it continues to roll off or near the tee.
RULING: No foul. This is not a violation of either 9-4-4 or 9-2-1-a-2-a. The officials should stop play and have the teams line up for a new kickoff. If weather conditions dictate, Team A should have a player hold the ball on the tee.

4. Late in the first half, Team B has used its three timeouts. At the end of a play the Line Judge notices that B44, a player who participated in the previous play, is equipped with an eye shield that is either tinted or not clear.
RULING: Equipment violation. Because Team B has no timeouts they are charged with a dead-ball foul for delay of game. Five-yard penalty at the succeeding spot. B44 may not re-enter the game with this eye shield. (1-4-5-s, 3-4-2-b-2)

5. Third and 5 at the B-35. Team A snaps the ball with only 10 players. Just after the ball is snapped, A23 runs in from his team area at the B-45 to become the eleventh player. Ball carrier A22 is tackled at the B-25.
RULING: Live-ball foul for substitution infraction. Five-yard penalty at the previous spot. Third and 10 at the B40. (3-5-2-a)

6. Receiver A33 catches a forward pass and is tackled in bounds after a 25-yard gain. The 40-second play clock has begun its count as the officials and chain crew run to the succeeding spot. As the down box is being set the Head Linesman is informed by the chain crew that there is a kink in the chain, and the Head Linesman gives his
attention to the problem. The Referee sees that the Head Linesman is not in position and the play clock runs down to 19 seconds.
RULING: The Referee stops the game clock and directs that the play clock be set at 25 seconds. When the chain is repaired and all officials are in position, he declares the ball ready for play and signals to start the clocks.

7. B37 intercepts a pass and is tackled. After the ball is dead, the Side Judge gives the timeout signal because B66 is injured on the play.
RULING: B66 must leave the game and remain out until his team’s professional medical personnel approve his return. The play clock should be set at 25 seconds. While Rules 3-2-4-c-4 and 3-3-5-f call for the play to be set at 40 seconds following a Team B injury, the clear spirit of the rule is for this to apply to the defensive team.

8. B44 intercepts a forward pass and fumbles on the return. A22 recovers the ball while grounded.
RULING: First and 10 for Team A. The play clock is set at 40 seconds and the game clock is started on the Referee’s signal. Although changes of possession occur during the down, the game clock is stopped because Team A is awarded a first down, not because of the changes of possession. (3-2-4-b and c)

9. Second and 18 at the B-40. Quarterback A12 takes the snap, rolls to his left, turns back to his right and at the B-42 throws a backward pass to A35 who is at the B-45. Before the ball gets to A35 defensive end B88 blocks him below the waist. A35 muffs the ball and B77 recovers it while grounded at the B-46.
RULING: Foul for blocking below the waist by B88. Fifteen yards from the previous spot and automatic first down for Team A. (9-1-2-e-6)

10. Second and 11 at the A-30. Tight end A88 starts on a pass route as quarterback A12 drops back to pass. While A12 is trying to find an open receiver linebacker B55 blocks A88 below the waist at the A-35. A12 is finally sacked at the A-20.
RULING: Foul by B55 for blocking below the waist against an eligible receiver. Whether the pass is thrown is irrelevant. Fifteen-yard penalty at the previous spot and an automatic first down. (9-1-2-e-3