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National Federation Discussion / Re: DB Foul Enforcement
« Last post by Fatso on November 28, 2023, 06:45:44 AM »
In NFHS rules are there any DB fouls, or live ball enforced as DB fouls, that would be "tacked on" thereby giving team A 1st down after failing to make the line-to-gain on a 4th down play?
No. If offense didn't make the line to gain during the play, their series is over and it's B's ball.  The penalty is then enforced and it will be 1st and 10 for B.
Is there any practical way to modify the rules so that a lineman who goes from a two-point to a three-point stance while a back is is motion (or vice versa) would not be guilty of an illegal shift?

This has always seemed to me like a ticky-tack foul that gives no apparent advantage to the offense.
Texas Topics / Re: Out of Chapter Requests from Playoff Teams
« Last post by Joe Stack on November 27, 2023, 11:46:54 PM »
Its probably going to come down to the crews and the officials to take matters into their own hands because few boards and/or secretaries want to get into the business of telling schools no -- especially for this reason. It can also invite TASO scrutiny (or there's a perception it can).

Thus, I encourage everyone to accept or reject games individually or as crews as it relates to schools who do this. If it bothers you, don't work the schools. If it doesn't bother you, go ahead. As far as I'm concerned, your position is just that.

As for me, schools that do this bother me immensely, but what bothers me more is TASO chapters that willingly accept such assignments. A chapter that doesn't like schools in their area using other chapters for playoffs yet jumps on these games when they get the call is BS. The policy should be, "we will not accept such games unless we get the assignment directly from UIL."

The only caveat I would say here is that if you are in a small(er) chapter and you already have several assignments for that date, please treat this situation with some level of understanding. I think it is reasonable for a coach to feel that a chapter of, say, less than 40 total members may have only 1-2 playoff worthy crews and if they're not available, going outside the chapter shouldn't be frowned upon. There are crews in my chapter that I don't feel are "playoff ready."
A word about halftime.....

Several years ago, with the coaches approval, once both teams were back on the field we would assume implyed consent to shorten the halftime  and would ask the clock operator to set and run the 3:00 warmup. The coaches were advised that, if they asked ,they could have the full 15 + 3. Only once has a coach requested that and with the captains not needed for our pre-kickoff speech, a few minutes have been shaved off.

I would just bake the 3 min warmup into halftime.  Have it be a minimum of 13 min and a maximum of 23 min.  It's on them to warm up.
NCAA Discussion / Re: Final Free Kick TX v Tech
« Last post by bossman72 on November 27, 2023, 09:19:16 PM »
Looking at the tape again, they were dead ball fouls.  R just forgot to announce that.
Texas Topics / Re: Out of Chapter Requests from Playoff Teams
« Last post by JBall on November 27, 2023, 09:16:13 PM »
If that happened I would talk with my crew to see if we wanted to scratch them all year.
NCAA Discussion / Re: Shaw Video Review 13
« Last post by bossman72 on November 27, 2023, 09:14:59 PM »
Rogers even had one years ago on the national training tape where the FG team ran out from a time out and one guy stopped inside the numbers and he still wanted it called. I don't think there's a way you can legally run it.
Texas Topics / Re: Week 4 is up
« Last post by dammitbobby on November 27, 2023, 05:19:37 PM »
Thank you!
Texas Topics / Re: Week 4 is up
« Last post by ETXZebra on November 27, 2023, 05:15:13 PM »
Mart/Lovelady. Tyler
Stephenville/Anna. Tyler
Timpson/Garrison. SFA
Texas Topics / Week 4 is up
« Last post by dammitbobby on November 27, 2023, 04:29:12 PM »
Week 4 is up, 100% on Monday is a record LOL.

I don't know how interested anyone is in the scoring stats, but it's pretty wild how how the average six man scores have gone up week after week. Very different than 11-man trends.

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