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I am a bit puzzled,  which for my age is not unusual,  but few nights ago couldn't get to sleep so I watched the texas 4 a state champion ship rerun on late night tv.  Lead off hitter was wearing a gold necklace that would make a major league player envious.  No 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9 were similary attired.  Not once was a peep said I presume because in 7th inning jewelry remained.  Has enforcement gone so lax that it is just not worth the trouble or have umps decided its not worth the effort?

Ralph Damren:
Assuming NFHS rules, they would need to be removed along with a team warning. Next teammate to play with would be ejected. Being Texas, is HS baseball played under NCAA or ML rules ? If so, it may beallowed.

Texas does fed rules.  It's just the fact that most of the year chapters enforce the rule then the exact words in the playoffs,  "it ain't worth the hassle".  Then too chapter up the road just doesn't enforce period. 

We told the team to remove all jewelry. Kids comes to the plate with gold necklace on. "Sorry son, you have to give your girlfriend her necklace back for this game." "They let me wear it the other night." "What night was that ?" "Tuesday" "Well, this is Friday and we use Friday night rules today." 

If there is a cross attached to it they can wear it taped down. 


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