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Ghost runners in the.......GAME !


Ralph Damren:
I started umpiring baseball in 1966 and have many zany happenings occur...but never this UNTIL NOW (NFHS rules)
SCENE: Top of 6th, runner @ 2nd......

ACT I : Pitcher spins and throws to 2nd in pickoff attempt.

ACT II : Fielder was behind runner instead of in front of bag.

ACT III : Throw hits runner in 'baby-makers' ,runner drops, ball bounces away.

ACT IV : I stop play, allowable under NFHS, coach  rushes out to attend.

ACT V : Coach had 3 reserves that were now in game at different spots in order...."What now ???" Coach asks ???

ACT VI : In this situation, NFHS allows last at-bat who is not on base to replace runner  8].

ACT VII : Coach sez' : "Ayuh, we used to call them 'ghost runners' in sandlot"  :o

ACT VIII : In NFHS you can play shorthanded, got both books to the plate and explained the vacated spot in the batting order will result in an automatic out when injured player's turn came....


You gotta love it when situations that only appear in test questions actually happen in a game.  A couple weeks ago a pitch was deflected of the catcher and the ball got away and nobody knew where the ball went.  First base umpire saw exactly where it went.  After bouncing off the catcher it went directly into the plate umpires ball bag.  Runners on base were properly awarded one base each.


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