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Astros vs Mariners 18 inning game


Astros vs Mariners, game 3, AL Divisional series (last night)
Early in the game, the announcers were criticizing the plate umpire for strike calls they thought were out of the strike zone against Seattle. Although the pitches may have truly been slightly out of the strike zone, he made the same calls against Houston, and, with the exception of a very small percentage of pitches, he kept that strike zone for EIGHTEEN INNINGS. TWO WHOLE GAMES. 6 hours-22 minutes. Overall, exceptionally consistent. I thought it was an awesome plate job.

Ralph Damren:
I also enjoyed the:

(1) The 4 game sweep of the yankees.

(2) Jermey Pena being first rookie SS to be awarded a Golden Glove.

(3)      "        "     receiving ALCS MVP Award.

(4)       "       "     receiving  WS  MVP Award.

(5)       "       "     receiving diploma from University of MAINE


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