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When you think you've seen it all....YOU HAVEN"T...


Ralph Damren:
Yesterday I was umping the bases in a middle school game while observing a rookie plate ump when:

(1) Passed ball on 3rd strike , off catcher's mitt and heading toward on-deck circle.
(2) On-deck batter calmly scooped up ball and flipped to catcher.
(3) Catcher calmly threw to 1st to retire batter.

Inning ended, rookie ump asked me what he should have done  ??? ??? . I responded : "While we had offensive interference once the on-deck intentionally picked up the ball, the play had a 'happy ending' "  8] The coach was told to tell his players not to be 'helpfull'. We didn't credit the on-deck batter with an assist.  :o ??? ::) :!# !


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