Author Topic: 2023-2 CFO/NCAA Off-Season Training Video  (Read 183 times)

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2023-2 CFO/NCAA Off-Season Training Video
« on: May 25, 2023, 02:18:19 PM »
The latest CFO/NCAA Off-Season Training Video on Targeting is really good. It shows examples of a wide variety of targeting fouls, in both 9-1-3 and 9-1-4 categories. And there are examples of 'suspicious' actions that are proven to be no-foul. The video quality is exceptional. Some of these examples show how difficult it is to see and verify, on the field, all of the components of a targeting foul. As Shaw states, due to the potential for injury, they are supportive of throwing flags for suspicious actions that may be targeting, and letting replay make the review and final determination.

This is the best reason to have an Arbiter/CFO subscription. But, most everybody knows somebody that has access, even if they don't, personally, have a subscription. And virtually every chapter has at least one guy with access (maybe the chapter, itself, has access). At the very least, a person with access can get online and show these videos at Chapter meetings. Everyone should look at these videos. They are very valuable.

As this Targeting video relates to UIL Football, we, and the UIL, know that we don't have the luxury of replay. So, the UIL enacted a new policy a couple of years ago that allows us to call a foul when we see a strongly suspicious action - that may be targeting - and then we put our collective heads together to see if we can confirm ALL of the elements of targeting. If so, then, yes, that's a targeting foul (with disqualification). If we can't confirm any one (or more) of the elements, then the action is NOT targeting, but we stay with personal foul, as unnecessary roughness, or late hit. If we can confirm that there was:
1) not contact with the crown of the attacker's helmet, and
2) not contact to the head-neck area of a defenseless player, and
3) not late, and
4) not excessive,

then there is no foul at all.
Check out the video, if you can, one way or another.

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Re: 2023-2 CFO/NCAA Off-Season Training Video
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