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Can someone explain to me what is happening here, I have so many questions!


Was the runner out by pitch, tag, or other? It looks like the catcher tagged him, but then he looked back at the umpire, who signaled him safe, and the catcher just ignored that, it seemed... Second baseman knew what was happening though.
Why are both teams wearing red jerseys in a championship game?
Given that both teams had the same color jersey, why didn't the umpires stop the game once the other team came onto the field as interference? Is that even a thing in baseball?

(I'm not informed enough to know whether or not the umpires were correct; I assume they were, so not criticizing them at all... I just don't know much about the rules of baseball.)

Jersey colors just have to match your own teammates.  Normally they don't but I don't see anything in the rule book that prevents opposing teams from wearing the same color.  It's not like other sports where things could be confusing.  It's obvious who is on defense and who isn't.

As for the play and rules.

As for the dropped third strike.  Normally when first base is occupied the batter is just simply out on the third strike whether the pitch is caught or not.  With 2 outs however, the base being occupied doesn't matter, the out isn't made until the batter or another runner is put out.  The catcher made a lame attempt to tag and the umpire gives the signal to indicate no tag is made.  The catcher saw that and that should have triggered him to either make a tag or throw to first base for the easy out.  Instead, he went to celebrate while the runners were running bases and scoring.

As the great philosopher Y. Berra famously said:
“It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.”

(Amazing fact of the day: Yogi played 19 seasons in the big leagues and was named to the All-Star team 18 times!)


--- Quote from: bama_stripes on June 08, 2023, 07:17:44 AM ---
(Amazing fact of the day: Yogi played 19 seasons in the big leagues and was Amex town he All-Star team 18 times!)

--- End quote ---

I'm sorry. What?

I have absolutely no idea how that happened!


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