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Title: Our best mechanics clinic ever, you may be able to have one,too.....
Post by: Ralph Damren on August 21, 2013, 07:52:03 AM
A few years ago I received a call from a NCAA D-1 white hat friend. His crew had U-Maine's Thursday night season opener and by league rules had to arrive Wednesday. He stated that usually the night before the game he and his crew would review their previous game film along with films of the two opponents, but where this was the season opener for everyone they had nothing to watch and would gladly put on a clinic for our chapter.I contacted a local coach and he was amicable to allowing his team to participate. I instructed our chapter members to come dressed and be ready to accept criticism. Their clinic lasted for about 90 minutes as the NCAA guys shadowed our officials and supplied suggestions while the coach would instruct his team to run whatever play/formation that they requested. It was a great clinic with our cost being the price of dinner for the NCAA crew. They are not allowed to partake of adult beverages prior to game day, so the cost was reasonable and the gain tremendous! If you are in an area where D-1 football is about to have a season opener, it would be a well worthwhile approach to the incoming crew.