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National Federation Discussion / Re: Another free kick play
« Last post by CalhounLJ on July 17, 2018, 07:54:31 PM »
Two flags on the play. R has to decide which penalty they want. If they take the illegal block penalty, we mark off 15yds from the R?10, (I'm assuming a typo) making it first and 10 at the R25. If they take the OOB flag, R's options are (a) taking the ball at the OOB spot - R10, (b) taking the ball 25yds beyond the previous spot, - R35,  (c) 5yd penalty added to the oob spot -R15  (d) accepting a 5yd penalty from the previous spot and having K rekick - K35. 
Texas Topics / Re: Test
« Last post by JasonTX on July 17, 2018, 07:41:51 PM »
Check AR 9-2-2-VI  Team A foul, not charged to A12.

Thanks.  Just not sure why they would put flagrant offenders are DQ'd in the penalty of the rule.  There are other fouls that the penalty states that it is charged to the team, such as physical interference under the sideline interference is unsporstmanlike charged to the team.

I'm thinking this is a case where the Rule and the AR don't agree with each other.  Spiking the ball after a score etc, it also includes the statement about flagrant offenders being DQ'd.  I've always understood that as being if it is a 2nd UNS he is DQ'd.
Texas Topics / Re: Test
« Last post by ETXZebra on July 17, 2018, 07:27:44 PM »
Check AR 9-2-2-VI  Team A foul, not charged to A12.
National Federation Discussion / Another free kick play
« Last post by Stinterp on July 17, 2018, 07:05:49 PM »
How would you rule on this play.  K free kicks from the K-40 yard line.  While the kick is in the air, K50 is flagged for an illegal block below the waist on the R-40 yard line.  The kicked ball bounces out of bounds, untouched, at the R-10 yard line. What are R's options?
Texas Topics / Re: Test
« Last post by JasonTX on July 17, 2018, 07:05:07 PM »
3rd down ends short of the line to gain. Team A sends in 4 substitutes and 5 players begin to leave the field for a field goal attempt. A12, the quarterback, who participated in the previous play stops and sets up on the line of scrimmage very close to the sideline. After the ball is snapped, the holder A18 throws a pass to A12 who catches the ball and scores a touchdown.

Am I wrong on this?  A12 is charged with an UNS and if that is his second one of the game he is DQ'd.  The rule book even states that flagrant offenders will be disqualified for this foul under 9-2-2-b.
National Federation Discussion / Re: New Kick Penalty Rule
« Last post by Stinterp on July 17, 2018, 07:01:57 PM »
I think the confusion is coming from the "succeeding spot" terminology on free kick plays
Basketball / Re: HS Shot Clock
« Last post by ilyazhito on July 17, 2018, 05:33:17 PM »
In this age of “push the ball up the court & shoot a three / dunk”, I’d be surprised if anybody is holding the ball anymore.  The players won’t stand for it.
Well, the Bibb County vs Brookwood game that ended 2-0, the Waseca-Marshall girls game that ended 17-4, and a 27-24 Dunbar-Fenwick boys  game in Ohio are all counter-examples. What is worse is these games are playoff games, and yet they end up being an embarrassment to basketball, with the teams just standing around for minutes because they are allowed to do so. Even a good game in the 2017 Beach Ball Classic between Imhotep Institute Charter High School (Philadelphia, PA) and Archbishop Moeller High School (Cincinnati, OH) had a possession where Imhotep just held the ball and did nothing for about 1:30, followed by holding the ball for another 30 seconds after a timeout. Fortunately, Moeller was able to get enough pressure to tie the game, and Imhotep was able to hit a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to win the game, so the game did not degenerate into the Monkey in the Middle/Whac-a-Mole/Free Throw Contest mashup that games without the shot clock commonly become.

Maybe a new generation will finally see the change to a nationwide adoption of the shot clock. Arkansas allowed schools to experiment with the shot clock for non-conference games in 2018, and NFHS might pass a shot clock proposal in the next few years. This would be a tremendous improvement for high school basketball, from all perspectives: fans, coaches, and officials.   
Texas Topics / Re: Test
« Last post by TXHSHL on July 17, 2018, 12:03:13 PM »
Ask and you will receive. Test out this morning.
National Federation Discussion / Re: New Kick Penalty Rule
« Last post by CalhounLJ on July 17, 2018, 11:04:25 AM »
You may need to explain further. Are you saying that this situation is treated the same way this year as it was last year, and the new kick rule enforcement does not apply? Because I think it does. I may not have provided enough information. the situation reads that K illegally used hands during the kick. To me, that fits the parameters of the new kick rule exception, and R CAN accept K's foul and still keep the ball. The situation in the case book states that for R to keep the ball, they must decline K's foul. It goes on to further state that if R accepts the foul, we go back to previous spot, mark off both, and replay the down. That's not right is it?

*** Disregard... thanks for the clarification
National Federation Discussion / Re: New Kick Penalty Rule
« Last post by bossman72 on July 17, 2018, 11:01:07 AM »
I'm assuming 10.1.3 Situation is the same way. K fouls illegal use of hands, R signals fair catch, then runs with the ball. Ruling states, "R may decline the penalty by K and retain possession." With the new exception, it's not necessary for R to decline the foul to keep the ball is it? R may take the K penalty at the succeeding spot, and then have their delay of game marked off after that, right? Since one was live-ball, one was dead-ball, it is not a double foul.

Do not confuse the "tack-on" rule as a "live ball treated as dead ball foul" like UNS would be.

The scenario you gave would be the exact same ruling last year as it is this year.

Good point to bring up because I bet lots of people have the same question!

Edit: But yes, you can enforce the K foul at the succeeding spot, then enforce the DOG.  I read that too quick.
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