Author Topic: The whistle to beat all inadvertent whistles......  (Read 2388 times)

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The whistle to beat all inadvertent whistles......
« on: October 09, 2014, 09:41:07 AM »
 It was a clear fall Saturday noon, 1970's. 2 crewmates and I were waiting for the arrival of our whitehat and wagonmaster (regrettably the same one in my post on"Bad officiating stories?") for a 45 minute drive to the 1:30 game. Wagonmaster arrived at 12:45 with the tardy excuse of "I was doing stuff >:(". We tried dressing in the car on the way to the game :( :o :!#. Finally arrived at the field at 1:40 for a 1:30 game :-X :P. The coaches had already had the coin toss yEs: and both teams were lined up for the kickoff yEs:.. We quickly assumed our positions :embarrassed: The  >:( whitehat was now ready for the kickoff and sounded his whistle....... some of the band members were not ready for the kickoff and felt it was the band director's whistle :!# pray:; the ball was kicked, the Star Spangled Banner began..... some players stopped :patrioticon:...some continued  pi1eOn....our white hat (who was grumpy on a good day) >:( crazy sounded his whistle again, and again, and again...... hEaDbAnG hEaDbAnG......looseball play = we replayed the down(kick)..... ^ was not an enjoyable day ::)....and the band played on......
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Re: The whistle to beat all inadvertant whistles......
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Too funny!!!!,
" I don't make the rules coach!"