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State Association Adoptions
« on: August 17, 2017, 01:34:32 PM »
In the rule book, Table 1-7 lists 16 different areas where state associations are allowed to make certain modifications to the rules.  Each of the 16 lists a rule which may me modified.   If you go to the cited rule, there is a reference to the state association.

Now comes a 2017 rule change 1-5-1a(2) NOTE and 1-5-4, which permits any of the game officials to accompany the referee to meet with the head coach for equipment verification.  This is not one of the 16 items listed in Table 1-7, nor is a state association adoption mentioned in either 1-5-1a(2) NOTE or1-5-4.  However, if you refer to COMMENTS ON THE 2017 RULES CHANGES on page 96, behold it says, "Member state associations may determine the game official who is to accompany the referee during the required pre-game meeting with each head coach.

I now pose the following three question:

1.  Does anyone know why this state association  adoption is presented in the COMMENTS section instead of Table 1-7 and the rule itself?

2.  Have any of your state associations specified an official to accompany the referee for the pre-game equipment check?

3.  Can anyone think of a valid reason for a state association to actually specify an official for the meeting?

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Re: State Association Adoptions
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2017, 02:18:32 PM »
Just another instance where the left and right hands aren't in sync. The reference to states being able to designate the official can also be found in the pre-season guide which is where I stumbled across it.
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Re: State Association Adoptions
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2017, 08:06:06 AM »
The reason for the former rule was to : (1) give the referee a witness that the coach verified legality of equipment; (2) ump's duty is to check any questionable equipment.

The rule change was in answer to the problem of : WHAT IF THE UMP IS TAKING A DUMP??  sNiCkErS sNiCkErS sNiCkErS sNiCkErS sNiCkErS :puke:

While the ump's duty of checking questionable equipment remains, that of witness can be provided by any in z^ fashion.

Prab's legal eye picked up the failure to add such mention in the "state's rights rule" as it probably should have been added.

I can't see why any state would need to name the ump's understudy.

In Maine (the only state with one syllable and the only state that borders just one state), we z^ z^ z^ z^ z^ are a friendly lot and all usually attend the "coach's picnic". The BJ will mention that he will be handling the "poor-man's stop watch" (play clock) with the visual countdown. The wing official on the coach's sideline will introduce himself as the guy that'll relay info from the field. It seems to work smoothly.