Author Topic: The day the noseguard snapped the ball.....  (Read 662 times)

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The day the noseguard snapped the ball.....
« on: August 21, 2017, 01:05:32 PM »
This past Saturday was scrimmage day for us. Ours are rather casual with coaches out on the field ,behind their teams and such. We had a happening that I felt you guys might enjoy.

      In was a scrimmage jubilee with one powerhouse hosting three that were not. In the third round, with the powerhouse playing the least of the rest, the following occurred:

     The weaker team had just finished their drive, the powerhouse's coach said they would just take the ball from there, and it was spotted (both teams were using the same ball). Their coach ,who is probably older then me and around nearly as long, and I were pondering the possible problem of a Cubs-Red Sox World Series  :P game falling on the same time of a patriot :P game, when the following occurred:

(1) A approached the LOS and the snapper inquired : "What happened to the ball ??? ???"

(2) The umpire held it up and gulped : "He just threw it to me  :o :o !" while pointing toward a linebacker  ::) ::) ::).

(3) The linebacker :o muttered : "Bubba (the nose guard) just snapped it to me  :o ??? ::) :!# , I knew I shouldn't have it, so I gave it to him (the ump)  :bOW :angel: !"

(4) Bubba (the center on offense) grunted : "Geez, guys, I thought we still had the ball pray:; pi1eOn nAnA :'( :-* :-\ :-X :-[ !"

(5) A's coach, with a  ;D , said to me : "OK, smart guy  ;D , what do you call now ;D ?"

(6) Guys I know it was encroachment (7-1-5), but I couldn't resist : " That's easy, coach, under rule 1-1-6 that's a 'do-over'  8] ! "

(7) The coach responded :  ":D golfers might call it a mulligan. ;D ;D ."

Shortly thereafter, the scrimmage ended. Just when you think you've seen everything that you think could have happened, you find that you haven't :o The post-scrimmage refreshments were cold ..... the laughs were a' plenty.  eAt&
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Re: The day the noseguard snapped the ball.....
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2017, 01:27:33 PM »
Prior to RFP:  3-6-2f
After RFP: 7-1-5
However; If the Umpire chooses to implement a Return Kick***, ya might then just be betta off using: 1-1-6

*** - In 1965 the Return Kick was changed from a Legal Act to an Illegal Kick in the NFHS Rules Book
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