Author Topic: The penalty flag that cost a woman $1,000,000  (Read 877 times)

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The penalty flag that cost a woman $1,000,000
« on: December 05, 2017, 06:32:08 PM »
Back in my homeland, a grocery store chain has a sweepstakes where one lucky viewer can win $1 million if two kickoffs are returned for touchdowns in a single game. (I'd meant to post this when it happened but forgot about it)

Well sure enough in a game between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Toronto Argonauts, one kickoff was returned for a touchdown. And so was a second one. Pandemonium ensued in the house of Karen Kuldys, thinking she'd just become a millionaire...

But there was a flag on the play.

A block in the back negated the touchdown, and thus negated the million dollars. There were no more kickoffs returned for touchdowns in the game, and thus no million dollars.

I don't know about you, but even if it was the most obvious call I'd ever seen, I'd still feel bad if my flag cost someone that kind of life-changing money.

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Re: The penalty flag that cost a woman $1,000,000
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2017, 08:48:14 PM »
The officials don't or shouldn't care about any wager, sweepstakes or "line" on any game they work.
" I don't make the rules coach!"