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Re: A gathering of eagles/ole' buzzards/or whatever.....
« Reply #25 on: May 20, 2018, 11:13:57 PM »
REPLY: Our problem here in NJ is that none (well, actually 'one') of our fields have visible play clocks so there are no such things as play clock 'operators.' It would fall on one of the field officials to keep it, and obviously, whoever that is might be a tad busy at the end of a play. I don't see it as feasible unless there are play clocks and a non-field official responsible for those clocks.
I believe the Colorado experiment uses officials on the field with no visible play clocks and they reported few issues. You are already keeping the play clock loosely without a visible play clock, and I'm sure the B (usually the one who keeps it), misses it occasionally throughout the game. Unless a team is really abusing the time between plays it's not critical to keep it every play.