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MFOA Football Officials Clinic
« on: March 20, 2019, 05:49:58 PM »
MFOA Football Officials Clinic at St Johnís University
Utopia Parkway, Queens New York
April 20, 2019

The purpose of this clinic is to serve multiple purposes and to create an environment of education and advocacy for the upcoming 2019 Football season. Conversely, it is an incentive for Officals to remain engaged during the off-season and to re-enforce our roles as officials. We will discuss the following subjects:

      Ball Placement and measurements
      Consistent mechanics/ Consistent calls
      Effective wing officiating
      Tips on handling blow-outs
      Roles and responsibilities
      Dealing with Disrespect - Coaches and Players
      Tips for speaking with coaches
      The science of effective crews
      Game mechanics / Game video
      Posture and uniforms
      Future of wearable technology in officiating
      Unexpected challenges in officiating

These are just some of the possible subjects that we will discuss during our clinic as well as position break-out sessions. The subjects will go into more detail and will be discussed by the clinicians.
 If you have any questions about the clinic, please contact me via email

      Regards, Clinic Coordinator- MFOA