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Ralph Damren:
If you were watching the end of the Pats/Cowboys game , you - like me - may have been confused  ??? ??? ? ......

(1) 0:44 left - 4th down Pats, leading by 4- clock running Cowboys w/o timeouts;
(2) Brady calls timeout w/ 0:02 left;
(3) clock resets to 0:05 without any announcement;
(4) Brady intentionally throws high pass way OOB;
(5) clock now shows 0:01;
(6) Cowboys don't connect.

Questions to those of NFL rule knowledge.....

(1) Why was the clock allowed to run by 40" without DOG?
(2) Why wasn't Brady's intentional grounding called intentional grounding?
(3) If it was, does NFL have the same as NCAA/NFHS and doesn't allow untimed down on LOD fouls?
(4) Could Coach B have instructed Team to all hold opponents, allowing Brady to just drop back several yards before knee?

Legacy Zebra:
(1) My guess is the official signaled for the timeout at :05, but the GC operator didn't get it stopped until :02. So you just have a normal reset to when it should have stopped.

(2) If the passer is at not in threat of losing yards, it's not ING. To be a foul, the pass must meet the requirements as well as having a passer under duress.

(3) Basically the only times an offensive foul extends the period in the NFL is on kick plays. Illegal touching, KCI, or any other foul by the kicking team prior to the receiving team gaining possession. Other than that it has to be a personal foul or unsportsmanlike conduct to extend the period. And even in those situations, it's not automatic. The opponent can choose whether or not to extend the period.

(4) No. You may remember the Ravens using this tactic to ice a super bowl victory against the 49ers a while back. Since then, the NFL (and subsequently the NCAA) have made this an unfair act. It would be a fifteen yard penalty, the clock is reset to the time of the snap, and the clock starts on the next snap. In NCAA, this counts as a UNS for each player who fouled.

Agree with Legacy on all comments. I heard there was an announcement of the game clock being reset back to 0:05 and the Patriots knew that. No issues there. The game clock probably should have run out on the play, but replay can't remove time. They can only add time. The officials aren't looking at the clock while the ball is still live so they have no idea if the clocked stopped too soon. They see the ball dead and look at the clock. If it says 0:01 they have to go with it. If it says 0:05 they'll know it never started and can probably do something then.

Ralph Damren:
Thanks, guys, for clearing that up. Adding to the confusion of our group was:
(1) TV was muted, we were listening to the Patriot Radio Network - let's you know 8 seconds in advance of what TV shows;
(2) Alcohol was present and consumed;
(3) There was a Cowboy fan at our gathering  :-X.

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