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1.  What happened to the official guidance (explained preseason by Dean Blandino) that the NFL has adopted a policy (an "anti-IW" policy) that basically says "When in question, let the entire down play out and let IR correct if needed?

2.  Based on clear replays (acknowledging that we have 1080p, hi resolution, stop action, 65 inch screen)  how many actual IW's occurred in the KC @ NE game yesterday?

Ralph Damren:
On the incomplete pass....WHOOPS....fumble....returned for TD....WHOOPS....NOT ...IW , certainly sells the mechanic of : It's much easier to rewind the play, if necessary, then to explain an IW which rarely has a happy ending. It least the recovering team is allowed to keep the ball.

In regard to the Kelce fumble, the problem with that line of thinking is that you are assuming the official had question/doubt. Sometimes we have no doubt at the time but are proven wrong.

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