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Ft Bend ISD to be totally online to start year

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What does this do to the football season for their schools?

I just read they will have no extracurricular activities.  I think they have multiple high schools.

There are 11 high schools in Fort Bend ISD.  This has to have a ripple effect on other schools and ISD's in the area.

I wouldn't be surprised if everything east of I-35 follows suit. But every community/district should be allowed to make its own decision regarding school and extracurricular activities. Those out in West Texas that simply don't have the population densities of the cities on, and east of, I-35 should not be forced to do the same "just because." Although most communities have cases of COVID, many, many of these communities simply don't have the "containment" issue that that is far more inherent with dense populations, and the ability of these communities to care for those that do contract the virus is far better, per capita, than those densely populated areas.
Let everyone - or at least every discrete community - make their own decision to accept the risk (and consequences) for themselves, and their children, in exchange for returning to the lives for which they yearn, and so richly deserve. No one - NO ONE - asked for this. And no one should be deprived of their right to make the choice for themselves to sequester or re-associate themselves with the activities to which they have been accustomed. Sure; take some sensible preventive measures such as the use of hand sanitizers, refraining from sharing things, keeping a distance from those unfamiliar, etc.  But, for goodness sake, let those that consciously choose to live life, rather than hide in largely exaggerated fear, do so.
At a recent school board meeting, the head coach of the football team commented on how nonsensical the current guidelines are. His athletes must wear a mask going to and from their (allowed) organized activities, but do not have to wear them while conducting those activities, in far closer proximity to one another, and expelling far more body fluid in the form of perspiration and expiration, than when required to wear a mask. All of their athletes have their temperatures checked at each activity, as well as their 'contacts' tracked. None have contracted the virus.
Let 'em make the choice to play. Let their families and friends make the choice to spectate.   

Heard from my Crew Chief last night that both Fort Bend and Cy-Fair ISDs in Houston have cancelled fall extracurricular activities. Waiting to see if this continues or not.


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