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Trying to stop the clock
« on: November 01, 2012, 03:02:46 PM »
Team A 4th and forever 32 seconds left in the half. Great pass over the middle for a 48 yard gain.
They run up to the line for a spike & stop the clock. (Here is where it gets funny)
QB lines up in a shot gun takes the snap, turns to me (looking at his end line) and spikes the ball. It bounces up and he catches it. Still looking at him not blowing the whistle, he spikes the ball again bounces into his hands, still no whistle. Coach is going crazy yelling at me the QB takes a knee.
Coach takes a time out to yell/talk. After he is yelling at me for not stopping the play. I ask him if he would like my understanding of the rules. Coach huffing & puffing hands on hips say FINE!!!!!
Well coach to me they were both backwards passes. And another thing sir, if you QB had taken that snap from a shotgun formation and spiked it you would have had an intentional grounding flag. He takes his hat off slaps it on his leg, “son of a B*itch.” Turns around and gets knee deep into his QB.