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The following is a list of film clips on this site.  They are strictly for training purposes.  All of the clips have been discussed on the discussion board.  If you would like to see the discussion board, click here: Discussion Board

   Catch or no catch1   Catch or no catch 2 - These two clips are of the same play. Does the player make the catch or not?

    Illegal forward pass? - Is this pass legal or illegal?  Was the QB beyond the line of scrimmage when he threw the ball?

    Illegal block below the waist?  - Does the block by the kicking team member start at the waist or below the waist?

    Blocks in the back? - Are the blocks by #2 and #17 blue blocks in the back?

    Block in the back? - Is this a block in the back or not?

    KCI or block in the back? - Is this kick-catch interference or a block in the back?

    Chop block? - Is this a chop block by the center and right guard?

    Chop block, clip, or nothing? - Take a look at the right guard.  Is his block a chop block, a clip, or a legal block?

    Blocks in the back - How many blocks in the back are there in this play?

    Roughing the passer? - Is this hit late?  Helmet to helmet?  Or legal?

    RTP/DPI1  RTP/DPI2 - These two clips are the same play.  Defensive pass interference?  Roughing the passer?  Both?  Neither?

    Intentional grounding? - Is this intentional grounding or the QB legally throwing the ball away?

    Throw back pass - Was the QB down?  Was there defensive pass interference?

    Touchdown or incomplete? - The receiver drops the ball as he hits the ground.  Is this a touchdown or an incomplete pass?

    Touchdown or not? - Is the runner out of bounds before he gets to the pylon?

    TD or down? - Is this a TD or is the runner down before the goal line?

    Catch or no catch? - Is this a completed catch and fumble or an incomplete pass?

    Catch or not? - You're the replay official.  Was this a catch or incomplete pass?

    Fumble or down? - Is this a fumble or was the player's forward progress stopped?

    Fumble recovery or out of bounds? - Was the ball out of bounds or recovered?

    DPI or uncatchable? - Is this defensive pass interference or an uncatchable pass?

    OPI or legal contact? - Take a look at the players at the bottom of the screen.  Is this offensive pass interference or did their feet get tangled?

    DPI or not? - Did the defender get there early or is this a good play?

    Ineligibles downfield? - Are the lineman downfield on the forward pass?  The pass is caught well beyond the neutral zone.

    KCI or let it go? - Does the action by the kicking team warrant a foul for kick-catching interference?

    Kick at the pylon - It's not a great angle, but was the kick out of bounds before going into the endzone?

    Safety or not? - Did the player put himself in the endzone or did the defense put him there?

    False Start of offside? - Is this foul on the offense or defense?

    Personal foul? - Is this a personal foul or just a hard tackle?

    Leaping? - Should this be a foul for leaping?

    Hands to the face? - Is this a foul for hands to the face on the right tackle (#70 white)?

    Holding or more? - Is this holding or another foul?

    How many fouls in this play? - Watch the center.  How many fouls would you have on this play?

    Foul on the center? - Would you have a foul on the center in this play?  If so, what would it be?

    Deception or not? - Is this deception or just a player in motion?

    Result of the play? - What is the result of this play?  The offense recovered the ball at the end of the play.

    USC or not? - Does this warrant an unsportsmanlike conduct foul?  If not, where do you draw the line?


    Last updated - November 1, 2006