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Football without refs? - July 13, 2007
"It isn't a battle to save high school football -- at least not yet...But if the declining number of high school football game officials continues at its present pace, it may soon reach that point."

  Officiating class gets high marks at Service - June 19, 2007
The crowd is on its feet, yelling and screaming at the referees, convinced they are either incompetent, biased or an unholy amalgam of both.

  Officials do it for love of game and deserve more love - October 1, 2006
I highly recommend the police escort. Four motorcycle policemen are ahead of us. We can hear the thunder of the engines.

  Officiating's not for everyone - it's difficult - October 1, 2006
For this job in SEC, only perfection is acceptable.  AUBURN - Room 336 at the Marriott at Grand National has the casually cluttered ambience of a frat house on this late Saturday afternoon.

  The story of a college football official - September 3, 2006
Robert Nelson heard the boos rain down from the stands.
He had heard those sounds before, but this time it was a little different because some of the voices sounded very familiar.

  Calling a game takes planning  - September 1, 2006
I am talking about the "rush, rush, rush," that high school football officials do every Friday afternoon. Trying to get to their respective game site requires some careful planning, to say the least.

  Sports officiating a tough job the world over - August 28, 2006
Officiating is unofficially one of the world's most difficult jobs, along with marriage counseling and proctology.

  Grad of CDO finds fame as NFL referee - August 14, 2006
The first clue that Ed Hochuli isn't your everyday sports official is his size.

  Hunt to retire from ACC as coordinator of football officials - August 4, 2006
Tommy Hunt will retire as coordinator of football officials for the Atlantic Coast Conference at the end of the 2006-07 academic year, the league said Friday.

  Official problem after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita - July 23, 2006
The national shortage of prep referees became magnified in Louisiana after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

  Gautreaux to get NFL test at meeting - July 22, 2006
If anyone thinks it's easy being an NFL official, Greg Gautreaux wants you to experience his little bit of hell this weekend.

  Message to Big XII fans:  Behave - May 26, 2006
Water bottles and other debris flew from the stands at Folsom Field as Colorado fell further behind Nebraska last November, and the officials had seen enough.

  Witvoet in Rose Bowl lineup - May 10, 2006
One of the most crucial performers on the field during the Jan. 4 Rose Bowl wasn’t from top-ranked USC or eventual champ Texas.

  Dye still thinks about Harper's penalty daze - May 5, 2006
If he could, former AU coach would toss flag on official.

  Aaron Pointer is a man for all seasons - April 16, 2006
The walls of Aaron Pointer's basement are lined with family history, rich in sports, music and public service, adorned with pictures and platinum records and posters.

  Officials take time to honor their own - April 11, 2006
GRAND RAPIDS -- High school coaches, athletes, officials and administrators gathered Monday night, but there was no yelling or whistle blowing.

  NFL hierarchy's high on league officiating - March 25, 2006
The NFL does not believe that it has an officiating problem.  The league believes that it has a perception problem - and it wants to correct the perception about officiating.

  According to Tim Millis, replay changes up in air - March 9, 2006
— As with any new setup, the Big 12 Conference’s football instant-replay system is being closely examined for potential changes.

  Sports officials set tone for behavior - March 9, 2006
Before each diocesan-sanctioned sporting event begins, the athletes from both teams gather for a prayer. Most of the time, the Christian atmosphere carries over to the contest that follows. Sometimes it doesn’t. It’s up to the officials to set the boundaries of proper conduct.

  It’s time to lay off the refs and enjoy the game - February 15, 2006
There is an epidemic in sports that has to stop. Whether we’re talking about the big leagues or pee wee, our favorite pastime isn’t baseball or football. It is blasting the stripes off the officials

  Sports official doesn’t blend into background - February 23, 2006
Most officials are happy to blend into the background of games - a part of the action, but mostly unnoticed by the folks in the stands.  Such is not the case for Jim Langin.

  Spotlight Bright on Super Bowl Referees - February 1, 2006
They're the guys in black and white. No names needed. Unless they make a bad call. Then, everyone finds out who these NFL officials are. Criticized and vilified, their eyesight and sanity are called into question. And a lot of them are making names for themselves lately.

  Longtime official, EARL GALDEIRA, enjoyed serving - January 28, 2006
Earl Galdeira will be remembered by some for the famous "tackle" he made in the 1970 Hula Bowl. But many others will first recall his longevity as a high school and college football official.

  Lubbock's Liner hangs up his whistle. - January 1, 2006
The office belongs to a banker, but the decor is pure football official.

  Standing in the background of college football’s big game - December 26, 2005
Why, look at him over there, jaw set, eyes narrowed, mouth a thin purposeful slash: He’s the embodiment of stripes, isn’t he?

  Back woes won't sideline ACC official, Watts Key - Dec. 15, 2005
He couldn't have called a bowl game anyway, although he didn't know it at the time.

  GLIFL hires Director of Officials - December 16, 2005
The Great Lakes Indoor Football League is excited to announce Rick Radcliff as the league's first Director of Officials.



The Official Word: Pass Interference - December 6, 2005
In the first quarter of Green Bay's game at Chicago on Sunday...defensive pass interference was not called.

  Making it clear: The officials made the right call on muff. - December 7, 2005
I received a message last week from an obviously upset local football official who berated me for my criticism of officials in the story about the Petaluma-Maria Carrillo playoff game.

  Communication and dedication come in handy for this team, the officials - November 23, 2005
It's about an hour-and-a-half before kickoff. The only people there are a few die-hard parents grilling chicken sandwiches and burgers, the coaches and players, and several media members.

  Johnson refs final game after 29 years. - November 27, 2005
Randy Johnson was walking along Brush Street on Saturday afternoon, on the west side of Ford Field. Through the glass he caught a quick glimpse of the field.

  Area refs make great call. - October 28, 2005
All the money earned by SCFOA football refs during tonight's games will be donated to a local boy who is battling cancer.

  Life-threatening injury doesn't stop referee - October 17, 2005
Before the game, Harold Lathan went through his regular procedures, which kept him from thinking about his recovery and his return.

  Officially speaking: Harlow in 40th year - October 14, 2005
After 40 years of blowing the whistle, making the calls — and, yes, throwing the flag — Gordie Harlow believes that the sport of high school football has improved immensely over time.



Big Sky - Maloney to retire as official - October 11, 2005
Longtime Big Sky Conference football official John Maloney of Helena is retiring after this season.

  SEC adds 'PR timeout' to calm coaches and fans - October 11, 2005
Bobby Gaston, the SEC's supervisor of football officials, said yesterday that the league is the first to create the "PR timeout,"


Police officer still part of gridiron action - October 5, 2005
Each fall, John Mager's Friday nights are spent on the football field five yards off the line of scrimmage — right in the middle of the action.

  ACC Instant Replay going well - September 29, 2005
The ACC's instant replay is getting good reviews from commissioner John Swofford, who didn't instantly endorse the idea.

  Flagging Discipline - September 29, 2005
Frequent -- and untimely -- penalties dogging teams

  He's officiated more than 400 prep games - September 23, 2005
Larry Carr once towered over most of the players on the gridiron.

  Staffing high school events more of a challenge - September 23, 2005
Norm Chiger admits he was probably roped into a life in stripes.
No, not prison. The 44-year-old Chiger, a Connecticut native who has resided in Brevard County for about 20 years, is instead a high school basketball official.

  Geerlings initiated in Big Ten as official - September 16, 2005
Todd Geerlings isn't afraid to admit his first assignment two weeks ago as a rookie football official in the Big Ten made the hair stand up on the back of his neck.

  Referee safety big concern for schools - September 17, 2005
High school football officials have grown accustomed to being cursed at, yelled at and having their mothers insulted by spectators. Getting physically abused by spectators is a rare occurrence.

  Officially speaking, referee Beckman ‘lived a dream' - September 4, 2005
A 110,000-strong chorus of boos can be a bit disarming when aimed at your ears.  "The first time, it gets your attention," Bettendorf’s Steve Beckman said.
  SEC Instant Replay summary - September 6, 2005
``Ten games, no overturns,'' Gaston said before the Ole Miss-Memphis game. ``I'm very pleased with the fact the networks fed us as many replays as they did.

  Another year for Kaua‘i's officials. - September 8, 2005
A busy weekend lies ahead for Kaua‘i's football officials. So busy that they needed the assistance of two officials from O‘ahu to help them out with the two games on Friday night.

  Woodling: Ex-player loving life as official - August 4, 2005
In his life as the vice president of an engineering firm in his native Omaha, Neb., he is known as John Mascarello.

  No sports for home school students in VA. - July 7, 2005
The state Supreme Court affirmed Wednesday the right of West Virginia education officials to bar home-schooled children from public school sports.

  BCS to use instant replay in bowl games. - July 6, 2005
Bowl Championship Series officials want instant replay used in all bowl games starting this season, and are confident it can be done.


Jerry Hall to be inducted into NFHS HOF - July 2, 2005
Although Jerry Hall has been retired for nine years from the Arkansas Activities Association, he remains a fixture at many high school events.
  From Milkman to Flagman - June 23, 2005
Walt Coleman's move from college to the National Football League was borne out of necessity as much as his desire to advance to the top rung of the officiating ladder.
  NCAA to back instant replay - June 9, 2005
The NCAA's football rules committee is expected to endorse replay plans Friday drawn up by nine of the sport's 11 major conferences.

  Southland Conference to accept UCA? - June 8, 2005
The Southland Conference Board of Directors has decided to continue potential membership discussions with the University of Central Arkansas...
  AAAAA in Arkansas to split? - June 8, 2005
The largest high school classification in Arkansas could split into two classifications.

  Walt Coleman speaks at Arkansas Boys State - June 8, 2005
NFL official Walt Coleman had barely gotten the words out
of his mouth, "Playoff game, Oakland and New England, three years ago."
"Oh, you're the guy who did that one!,"...

  NCAA D2 Coaches to go on strike? - June 6, 2005
In this era of player strikes, management lockouts and labor strife in professional sports, imagine an entire college athletic conference being shut down because its coaches walked off the job.