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Congratulations and a huge  tiphat: to the following members:

Grant - AR - Although his User ID is no longer active, Grant is the Founding Father of RefStripes. Without his vision and foresight in June, 2005, RefStripes would not exist. Grant still lurks around and is invaluable to me when I need help.

TXMike - Mike is always able to come up with that video we all want to see when no one else can find it. I consider him our You Tube video expert. While we havenít always agreed, we do share a common bond when it comes to our kids. He knows what I mean and Iíll leave it at that.

Ralph Damren - A member of the NFHS Football Rules Committee, Ralph helps us all understand the whys and rationale behind Federation Rules. We may not agree with the rules, but Ralph is our voice when it comes to rule updates. (We can even overlook his obsession with New Englandís professional sports teams 🏈⚾️). 😂

wlemonnier ó A retired Big 10 Referee (and among the best in the country), Billís insight to NCAA rules is something we probably have that others can only wish for. Bill currently serves as a TV Rules Expert and while he doesnít post a lot, he is often logged in from his game site, particularly during Bowl season on the Bowl Chat. Bill is also a financial contributor to RefStripes and annually produces excellent High School training videos.

Thanks to all of these honorees for their contributions to the game.  :bOW

And don't forget about yourself Rulesman, we all value what you do for us.


--- Quote from: goodgrr on November 26, 2017, 12:54:49 AM ---And don't forget about yourself Rulesman, we all value what you do for us.

--- End quote ---
Thanks, but thatís not for me to decide. Iím not dumping accolades on myself. Thatís not why I do this.

 tiphat: tiphat: tiphat: tiphat: to all of you.  Your expertise and dedication makes us all better.

I thought my life ended when McGriffs went offline.  The Refstripes was born and somehow all those from McGriffs made their way here and life continues.


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