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Fellow umps, HELP !!!


Ralph Damren:
As we enter playoff time, we are told it's still "not safe" to allow the plate umpire to move back behind the plate (see my earlier topic: Corona ball..") and pitches will have to be called behind the mound. We are allowed to expand to a four-man crew. A 3rd base ump which remove the guesswork of the "mound" umpire of fair/foul down the left field line and an "OUTFIELD" umpire who'll roam like a 2nd base umpire with no one on. I've submitted the following suggestion and would welcome any further points that you may think of :

In lieu of an "outfield ump" in a 4-man crew, is there any chance that the 4th ump could be stationed at the screen and move up to give coverage at home plate -OUR MOST IMPORTANT BASE. By placing him aside of a direct line of home plate would give him protection from fouls straight back. IMHO, the outfield ump would only improve coverage with none on as our 2nd base ump would then be roaming there and that improvement would not be NEARLY as valuable as proper coverage at home plate on PB/WP plays with the "mound ump" making the call from 40-50 feet away.
 :sTiR: :sTiR: :sTiR: :sTiR: (four-man playoff crew)

Why not call balls and strikes from the dugouts?  It seems to be the best view in my experience.   ;D

We just made it through the regular season and playoffs are entering the 4th round and we made it just fine with have a normal plate umpire.  With that said, with you guys not being "allowed" to move back to the traditional spot,  I would run it just as you would with any other 4 man crew.  With the PL being behind the mound the rotations could be the same he'd just have to begin his rotation from the mound area.  Then on situations where he needs to be at the plate he could do so after the hit or PB etc.  Just need to be on his horse.  Most of those plays at the plate, involving PB or WP, would be covered by the Pitcher so the PL could follow the pitcher to the plate.  Angle vs Distance, where Angle is the most important.

Agree with Jason.  Of course, this means PU will have to be the most mobile member of the crew.

We just finished our State Championship tournament last week, having used the traditional position for PU all season.  Iím not aware of any reported cases of COVID among either catchers or umpires this year attributable to PU being behind the plate.

Ralph Damren:
Thanks, guys, for your suggestions. It appears my suggestion hasn't much traction regarding the 4th ump. It was probably selfish on my part as most of my games have been as the "mound ump" and at age 75 I'm not as fleet of foot as I once was. In a 4-man crew we usually bring the 2nd base ump inside when either 1st or 2nd base is occupied. That mechanic may infringe on the mound ump's turf, so we may keep him on the rim.

Many feel that this has been an overreaction on the part of the Maine Principals' Association, but it was prompted by two basketball and one hockey official testing positive after working a game and requiring both teams involved to shut down their programs for ten days. IMHO, it's real baseball for the kids and an umping challenge for us. We are told , though, that summer ball - for me American Legion - we can return to the "ole fashion" way. I still use the outside protector and am polishing it off. As Ernie Banks once said....



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