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Correct me if Iím wrong, but no fouls at all in this game, so far  13:00 (3).

None called.  ;)

Could have had one on the interception by TB, but if you're letting them play an aggressive game all around, like they were, you let that go.  That late 4th quarter DPI has to be called, when you stretch his shirt out a foot and a half LOL.

Ralph Damren:
Opinions on :
  (1) GB's intentional offside just prior to 2 minute warning in 4th;
  (2) GB's choice for FG when down by 8;
  (3) Rogers choice to pass into a crowd when road to paydirt looked clear on previous play;
  (4) Did Brady's year answer the question : "Who was more responsible for Pat's success, coach or QB?"
  (5) Who will win the Super Bowl ????

 :sTiR: :sTiR: :sTiR: :sTiR: :sTiR: :sTiR: :sTiR: (7-man crew)

1) I didn't see this one (probably getting more food to shove in my mouth in despair)

2) I'm ok with going for the FG.  I don't know what the likelihood of 2 pt conversion is in the NFL, but it's low enough that most teams won't try it frequently.  If you get it, great!  But odds are, you don't, and then you still have to kick a FG anyways.  (I think it's great they moved the XP attempts back a few years ago, would be even better if they made them kick 45 yarders, or whatever distance is roughly favorable in probability to a successful 2pt conversion)

3)  I don't think he had a clear path... I thought there were 2 defenders on receivers, who would have come up and lit him up before he could get there.

4) Turned it off before it was officially over

5) Chiefs


--- Quote from: Ralph Damren on January 26, 2021, 12:52:26 PM ---Opinions on :
  (1) GB's intentional offside just prior to 2 minute warning in 4th;

--- End quote ---

Good coaching from GB, terrible coaching from TB for not declining the penalty.


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