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If you didn't know, Aaron Rogers was the guest-host for the game show Jeopardy for the previous two weeks. If you were able to watch, you may have seen a contestant offer a rather stinging comment with his knowingly incorrect response in the Final Jeopardy round on one of those episodes. Obviously not knowing the correct response to whatever the 'answer' was,  the contestant responded, "Who wanted to kick that field goal?" - a direct reference to Green Bay's decision to kick a field goal late in the NFC Championship game, rather than go for the first-down (or TD). Rogers looked very sheepish, not sure if embarrassed or annoyed (maybe both).
It seemed humorous at the time. But, as I think about it, kind of a "dick" move by the contestant. What kind of answer did he expect Rogers to give? Throw his coach under the bus?

Eh. Everybody will get over it.


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