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TASO Mini Quiz 3
« on: April 28, 2021, 10:54:39 AM »
TASO Mini-Quiz 3
My responses:

1. False. Blocking is obstructing an opponent by INTENTIONALLY contacting him with any part of the blocker's body. This may not be TASO's response, but the word "intentional" makes a huge difference, IMHO (which is why Redding put it in a few years back), and makes this statement false.

2. A - Legal; B - Legal; C - Legal. There is nothing "illegal" about any of these actions.
However, for A, this is not to be considered a "signal," thus, B44 would have Fair Catch protection, if he catches the ball. But, curiously, if he is pointing at the ball with his hands below his shoulders, the ball has most likely already touched the ground, so he has neither KCI, nor Fair Catch protection. Of, course, he always has protection from personal fouls, in general.
Due to the "waving" motion in B, and the hands being above the shoulders in C, these are considered to be Invalid Fair Catch Signals, and do not afford B44 Fair Catch protection. While the ball is in flight, B44 always has KCI protection. Signals have no relevance to KCI.

3. True. The ball is loose from a backward pass when it is recovered and advanced by A34, and there is no restriction on touching, catching, recovery, or advancement of a backward pass, by either team, at any time during the game.

4. True (enough, I suppose). While all of those conditions must be met to "restrict" an interior lineman, the ball, also, must be, formally, ready for play. The statement doesn't clearly indicate this, but I have a feeling this is to be inferred.

5. True. This is a tripping foul. Not even the ball carrier may be tripped. This is a personal foul, with a 15-yard penalty, and with 3 & 1 enforcement. Unfortunately, we can't be sure about the penalty enforcement, since we don't know the Previous Spot. However, again, I believe we are to infer that the end of the run (B-10) is beyond the Previous Spot; thus, the end of the run is Basic Spot, and the penalty is enforced from the Basic Spot, 1/2 the distance to the goal line, with a first down for A. A, 1/G, B-5, ready (25) (assuming the down ended inbounds, and the time remaining is 2:00 or more in either half, and Team B is behind in the score).
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