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It was early in the first quarter and TCU running back going down the field.  While fighting for yardage his helmet comes off and he fumbles the ball.  He seems to be the one who recovers the fumble but shouldn't this be a foul as he continues to play without his helmet?

Does the helmet come off before the "fumble"?  If the helmet comes off first, then there is no fumble as the ball becomes dead when his helmet comes off. 

Looked pretty simultaneous,  really just odd situation.

We never got a good replay look at it, to positively see what happened first, but, to me, it appeared that the helmet came off first, then the ball came loose. The instant a ball carrier’s helmet comes completely off, the ball is dead, so the BC couldn’t be participating after his helmet came off.
If we would have had a better replay view, I think we would have seen a TCU player grab the back of the neck opening of the BC’s helmet and pull it off, which would have been a FMM foul, and the BC would not have had to leave the game. The crew on the field doesn’t have the luxury of getting a second look for these kinds of fouls.

Robert (or anyone else really), what kind of impact would there be on NCAA games, if any/all (potential) safety-related fouls were reviewable/could be created after the fact?  Just thinking out loud.


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