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I'm not an official -- just a rules geek, but I have a couple of questions that are perhaps different in NJ than National Federal Rules.

1) In REGULAR SEASON overtime, does a team have to go for 2 in the third overtime?

2) In REGULAR SEASON overtime, can the defense score and if so, does that end the game?

3) Is ILLEGAL FORMATION now a dead ball foul? I've always understood it to be a live ball foul because the offense can shift before the snap to make it legal. But the past 2 years, it seems that what looks to me like illegal formation gets blown dead exactly at the snap of the ball.

4) How long is halftime SUPPOSED TO BE?

1) Yes (Regular season Extra Periods is the same as Playoff only difference is if it is still tied after three in regular season it ends as a tie.  In playoffs, the game continues until there is a winner)

2) Yes and Yes

3)  Illegal formation should be a live ball foul

4) 15:00 but it can be extended to 20:00 at the home team's option for special events or anything else. Mandatory 3:00 warmup starts after halftime ends.

        Thanks for that. I'm going to time the halftimes this year!

My question back to you is, why are you not a football official?

Thanks for saying that. In hindsight, it's probably something I should have followed through on in my younger days. It seems that every time I got to seriously thinking about it, something else come up in my life at the time.  It's a lot of fun, though, going around seeing different games every week -- 2-3 games pretty much every weekend. It's interesting to sit there as a neutral party amongst the home fans and hear how every close call went against their team.


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