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31 years ago today...


This happened:

I'd expect a repeat of this if Rasheed Wallace ever started coaching.  >:D  LOL

Ralph Damren:

    (1) The chair hooked sharply to the right . If Bobby (good) Knight had been bowling it would have been a gutter ball.

    (2) Football team benches are much larger. A bench toss would not have either the velocity or distance.

    (3) FDR once said :"This is a day that will live in infirmary." The NCAA BBall commish must have felt the same.

    (4) A pity this occurred on the day after George Washington's birthday.

           ....Now I can go for my Friday PM clam broth martini with a  ;D....

I just came across this today, but I heard this story a month or so ago.  Good story about what happened to that chair.



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