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Michigan: not entirely sure how to get registered/started

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Hey all,

I'm 18 and a freshman in college. Next year, I really want to start officiating at some level. I've always loved football and unfortunately, I didn't get to play it very long, but I did help out on the coaching staff when I was in high school for two seasons, and did Chain Gang last season.

I'm kind of lost as to how to actually get certified and registered here in Michigan.

A question I have is how are you assigned your official's position (R, L, U, BJ, etc.)

That's going to vary locale by locale.

Here is the link to the MHSAA web site: Scroll about halfway down the page and it will point you in the right direction.

Welcome aboard!

Another thing you can look at is officiating intramural flag football at your school. That's how I got started officiating football.

Seconding reffing flag football. Made some great friends that way and learned quite a bit in a low(er) stress environment.


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A question I have is how are you assigned your official's position (R, L, U, BJ, etc.)

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When you join an association, you will learn how to work the different positions. In my group all new men start on the flanks and start working freshman games. Some get to work varsity by the end of their first season because we are always short officials. After a couple years working flanks, they can move to another position. Usually you don't move to R until you have a significant amount of experience.


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