Author Topic: "SEC officials adjusting to hurry-up offense one crisp jog at a time"  (Read 3896 times)

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One thing the article seems to confirm is the sheer lunacy of trying to continually modify the rules of the game to match, or keep pace with, the inventiveness, and imagination,  of coaches.  It seems to make a lot more sense and work better when the rules of the game are based on serious, independent consideration of what's actually good for the game, and imaginative coaches, and self anointed purists, are then required to deal with trying to match their game to the rules that exist. 

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We are seeing a lot of no huddle spread offenses in our section. Last year I found that I was having trouble just keeping up. I have spent the off season training hard to increase stamina and speed. The problem is each year, I'm a year old and the kids are the same age.

I am still trying to understand what a crisp jog is.

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I am still trying to understand what a crisp jog is.
Somewhere between walking and sprinting. By the time the season starts, the SEC staff will have a full understanding.
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