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--- Quote from: ilyazhito on May 06, 2018, 09:26:48 PM ---How did he time the game on his indicator?

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--- Quote from: ilyazhito on May 06, 2018, 09:26:48 PM ---How did he time the game on his indicator? I umpire baseball, and I know that my indicator goes up to 9 on the innings, but how would one record the seconds? By rotating the "ball" indicator every 15 seconds (Ball 1 = 15, Ball 2 = 30, Ball 3 = 45, Ball 4/0 = 60)?

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New contract. First game at home. Papers predict a score of 100-0 favoring the home team. My sideline.
Opening kick off to the visitors goes through the end zone. Visitors drive 80 yards for a TD. Try for point, player A blocks the kick, player B blows up the kicker and holder. White Hat flags.

My Head Coach goes out of his mind. "The kick was blocked!" "The player blocking the kick is the only one who can hit the kicker and holder coach!" "The kick was blocked! Tell the Ref I want a meeting now!" "It will cost you a time out Coach!" "Tell him to come here now!" We have the meeting, the coach jabbing the White Hat with his finger. Jim steps back and signals the penalty then the charged time out. Yardage done, try good 7-0

Going to position for the kickoff, the Assistant Coach trying to wake his team from their slumber.
 "The F ing Officials are not going to steal this game!"  Did I hear that right? Pointing at me he yells louder "The F ing Officials are not going to steal this game."

On the other side of the field, our Umpire is yucking it up with the chain crew. Suddenly one says "Oops, someone said something he didn't like." They watch one lone flag climbing into the night sky. Our umpire says "Only Ray can throw one that high."

At halftime our White Hat is laughing "I had to grab Ray by the shoulders, move him and yell look out! The flag buried three inches in the dirt when it hit." USC on the Assistant Coach.

Final score Home Team 78 Visitors 7

One would think that the Head Coach would be happy.

Showered, dressed, packing up, dinner plans for Hooters. Door burst open, Head Coach enters screaming about the call. Threatening us, demands for black listing, suddenly he glares at me and screams "What in the hell is your problem?" " Not much Coach, just trying to figure out what the fines and penalties will be." Coach storms out of the locker room.

"Who forgot to lock the door?" "He used his own key."

Florida fined the Head Coach $1500, the Assistant Coach $500 and both a two game suspension.

After the suspensions were served, the next game was a home game. The Booking Commisioner ignored our Association rules. Our schedule was changed, we officiated that game. Quietest sideline I ever worked.

Ralph Damren:
I wasn't on the crew, but this event became a well known in officiating circles. The horror author Stephen king had just built a spiffy new ballpark with even an umpire's room. In it's early days the umps' valuables were kept safe with a padlock and base ump keeping the key.

Scene : Hotly contested playoff game with visiting team losing on a close play at the plate....

(1) Umpires quickly head into umpires' room and close door;
(2) padlock stays outside;
(3) grumpy visiting team passes by the umpires' room on the way to their bus;
(4) when all seemed quiet, the umps felt safe to leave;
(5) something had  >:D occurred  >:D when the grumpy players had walked by the room marked "UMPIRES";
(6) the padlock was locked from the outside with the umpires still inside  :o :o :o :o (4-man crew);
(7) they felt their only chance of release was to YELL:
(8) they YELLED, a lady using the woman's room next door heard;
(9) she reported to the concession stand operators : "There's a bunch of crazy old men screaming next door ::)"
(10) the concession mgr. came with a backup key.

EPILOGUE : The following year Mr. King had a real lock installed. :)

Ralph Damren:
On Stephen King's spiffy new field, I was once involved it a "happening".....

Scene : American Legion tournament scheduled for noon, 3:30 and 7:00. I had the plate in the 7:00 game. Without a game clock (like our beloved sport) , baseball games don't always follow a timeline :(. With extra innings, BP & infield between games, the 7:00 scheduled game started closer to 9:00.

(1) All was well until we neared the 11 PM hour;
(2) Runner @ 1st, no outs, batter hits grounder towards shortstop;
(3) SS fields and flips towards 2nd;
(4) clock hits 11 PM, every sprinkler (over 20 - remember THIS was a spiffy field) popped out of ground and began to spray;
(5) ball deflects off of 2nd  :o baseman's glove  :oas he is sprayed with water;
(6) game stops, sprinklers (set on an auto. timer for 11 PM) are quickly stopped :!# ;
(7) now, what  ??? ??? ??? ??? to do ^talk;
(8) got the coaches and explained 9-0-3c give umps the authority (like our 1-1-6) to make something fair up;
(9) I said: "Had it not been for the 'rain' the 2nd baseman would have caught the throw, but I'm not going to presuppose a double play. Batter stays @ 1st and runner forced out at 2nd."
(10) Coaches  yEs: yEs: looked and both responded : "Ayuh, 'spect so";
(11) The PA announcer was set up in the first row and I explained my 9-0-3c application to him;
(12) The PA then announced : "The ump made something up and everyone liked it, so let's play ball";

MORALE OF STORY : If you are ready for everything, you won't be stumped by anything.


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