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--- Quote from: Ralph Damren on April 09, 2021, 05:18:44 AM ---Jason, when Texas applied for statehood wasn't there a provision that someday they could be split into 5 separate states if they so chose ? If so, that would be a surefire way of stacking the senate  8] 8] 8] 8] 8] !

--- End quote ---

Indeed, the 1845 Annexation Agreement contains language that would permit Texas to create 4 additional states within its boundaries, for a total of 5 states. That may sound tempting, but we'd still be getting the lives sucked out of us by the liberals in CA, NY, MI, WI, on and on...
Let's just secede, and formally create our own CONSERVATIVE country. Close the borders - ALL OF THEM - and open up oil drilling, while exploring all other energy production technologies (particularly hydrogen). We have everything we need. Land, water, airports, seaports, workforce, natural resources, major universities, (but we'd run off the liberal educators), manufacturing of ALL kinds - you name it, we got it (well, maybe not Hawaiian-esque tropical jungle, but, eh, you can't have everything, I guess). Heck, if we negotiate right, we could have B-1s, F-16s, nukes, M1A1s - heck there's even carrier in Corpus Christi. Right-to-work. At-will employment. A few things we'd need to do constitutionally differently than the USA, like birth-right citizenship only to children born to married Texas citizens. Earned citizenship with minimum 5 years residence and self-sufficiency, read/understand English. Welfare only to citizens that CAN'T work. Voting only for registered, non-felon citizens - in-person only, with proof of registration and identity required, but with 7-day voting window for everybody, and hard-ballot voting only (computers can be used for tallying, but the votes must be hard-ballots). A single federal income tax fixed constitutionally from 5% to 10% (varies with income), with no credits, deductions, exemptions, etc. Period. You make X, you pay Y.
Elected federal officials get paid the average individual income for all citizens.
I could go on for hours.



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