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Fall Football and Dr. Fauci

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Just saw a report where Fauci says football is the perfect way to spread the disease via contact. His solution is everyone should be tested either night before or on game day. Positive you sit, negative you can play.

Problem is that is a heck of a cost. I can see maybe the NFL does and maybe, just maybe FCS.

But lower level NCAA and high school, no way!

What happens if they don't come up with a working vaccine?   


--- Quote from: JasonTX on May 11, 2020, 09:50:40 PM ---What happens if they don't come up with a working vaccine?   

--- End quote ---

With the average age of our high school officials, I see a lot of guys not coming back this year for fear of getting this virus.  Even if the UIL says we will play the games, there probably will not be enough officials willing to run a very high risk of being exposed to cover all of the games.  This is going to be a very interesting fall.

I agree. I’m an official over 50, and I will not referee this fall. I've got to touch the ball every play with sweat on it, dig in a pile for a ball - touching all sweat covered players... nope. Plus if I’m wearing a mask, I can see less of the field. I already have a hard time seeing down low in the supermarket with a mask on, and my glasses fog up. And no fans? It won’t be fun anymore. Nope.... I’ll sit out this year.

I am struggling.  Just turned 66 and in the last five years have had both knees replaced so I could continue calling.  No leg or knee pain and they feel great.  I have a good crew and love working with them.   I have been going to work every day (retiring at the end of May) and have been shopping in multiple locations with no mask.    Not that concerned about casual contact but 22 players every play with 1 to 50 on the sideline (yes I called an eleven man game last year that had 1 sub), ten or more coaches on the sideline, chain crews and dressing in a JV locker that smells of (well you know) doesn't compute.   I have paid both state and local dues but my wife is very, very against me calling.   

What is everybody else thinking?


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