Author Topic: Is this the begining ???  (Read 1005 times)

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Is this the begining ???
« on: June 23, 2020, 09:05:24 AM »
Bowdoin College, Maine's most prestigious school, just announced that classroom activity and ALL sports have been canceled for the first semester. While they're D-III in football, their absence will leave a dent in all their opponents' schedules and I assume many fellow colleges will follow. Do any of you have schools that are leaning/going in the same direction ?

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Re: Is this the begining ???
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2020, 11:42:17 AM »
In NC the governor has yet to commit to opening schools in the fall.  In fact last week there were media rumblings that we might move from Phase II back to Phase I.  This week there is a story out that we might not get to move to Phase III.  He has vetoed two bills so far allowing gyms and fitness centers to open (included bars too).  The legislature, which is controlled by the opposing party, doesn't have enough votes to override his vetoes.  If we have no school, I don't see how we can have sports.  If we have sports with no fans, I don't see how financially a HS athletic program and marching band can survive.

  The NCHSAA did relent and let schools begin workouts for their athletes but there are quite a few restrictions based on the protocols that NFHS released. However, the decision was left to individual school districts as to when to start.  Some started ASAP,  some waited a week and some have held off until after the 4th of July dead period week.  From looking at other sources, it appears some other states are using similar programs for their athletes.

On a personal level, I am an alumnus and hold season tickets to our area D1AA nee' FCS university.  Our season ticket order is due 6/30 to receive priority for seating under what the university is claiming will be reduced capacity based on distancing.  There are two alternate date levels offered, mid-July and mid-August that will lower one's chances of obtaining seating.  I have been told by a reliable source that spectators will be required to wear masks and tailgating might not be allowed.  I was also told these requirements come from the governor's staff and not the university so I would assume this will apply to all of the UNC system.  It will be interesting to see the reaction of the larger, more powerful schools in the system's fan and alumni base if this occurs.
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