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The Official’s Journal is a portable journal designed to help you succeed in your sport. As an official myself, I know how hard it can be to keep track of the many lessons that we learn throughout the season. Designed to be used for any sport, this tool puts your experience at your fingertips by allowing you to record game information to reflect on later.
The “Game Log” allows you to record game information like:
•   Date
•   Start Time/End Time
•   Teams
•   Score
•   Crew Members
•   Game Notes
•   Coach Interactions
•   Player Interactions
•   Lessons Learned

Also, the journal allows you to keep track of the financial side of officiating:
•   Mileage
•   Game Check Amount
•   Have I received my game-check?

We are all looking for an edge (and we need it) in officiating. Something as simple as reflecting on what went right, and more importantly, what went wrong in your game can make the difference in the next.


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